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High quality Vermont made solid wood beds and wooden bed frames give the best night's sleep! Our wooden bed frames are handcrafted to order and made in Vermont using natural, sustainable real solid hardwood from New England, Pennsylvania and the American Mid West.

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Vermont Shaker Moon Bed
Sale: $1,960.10
Cherry Moon Bed
Sale: $2,176.85
Andover Modern Incline Bed
Sale: $2,393.60
Vermont Shaker Bed
Sale: $2,176.85
Vermont Shaker Four Poster Bed
Sale: $2,561.90
Contemporary Craftsman High Footboard Bed
Sale: $3,063.40
Contemporary Craftsman Low Footboard Bed
Sale: $2,864.50
Horizon Platform Bed
Sale: $1,768.00
Patti Smith Natural Vermont Spindle Bed
Sale: $2,057.00
American Shaker Panel Bed
Sale: $3,223.20
Modern American Trellis Bed
Sale: $3,088.05
Bennington Bed
Sale: $2,428.45
Classic Wood Bed
Sale: $1,889.55
American Mission Bed
Sale: $1,989.00
Classic Flat Panel Bed
Sale: $1,955.00
Renfrew Pencil Post Bed - Optional Canopy
Sale: $2,974.15
Renfrew Shaker Raised Panel Bed
Sale: $2,794.80
Raised Panel Carriage Bed
Sale: $2,887.45
Cherry Moon Panel Bed
Sale: $3,223.20
New England Shaker Raised Panel Bed
Sale: $2,669.00
American Grand Mission Bed
Sale: $2,338.35
Modern Shaker High Footboard Bed
Sale: $2,627.35
Sutton Platform Bed
Sale: $2,222.75
Modern Shaker Low Footboard Bed
Sale: $2,440.35
Green Mountain Bed
Sale: $2,707.25
Essex High Footboard Bed
Sale: $2,602.70
Andrews Natural Cherry Spindle Bed
Sale: $2,157.30
Loft Platform Bed
Sale: $1,793.50
New England Shaker Bed
Sale: $2,325.60
Incline Sleigh Bed
Sale: $2,477.75
Bow-Front Bed
Sale: $2,707.25
Holland Sleigh Bed
Sale: $2,212.55
Soho Panel Bed Copeland Furniture
Skyline Panel Bed
Sale: $2,091.85
Brandon Panel Bed
Sale: $2,444.60
Pendant Bed
Sale: $2,117.35
Larssen Bed
Sale: $2,117.35
Contemporary Cable Platform Bed
Sale: $2,602.70
Cherry Moon Pagoda Bed
Sale: $2,886.60
Macintosh Platform Bed
Sale: $2,490.50
Modern Craftsman Low Footboard Bed
Sale: $2,889.15
Contour Bed Copeland Furniture
Andover Modern Incline Sleigh Bed
Sale: $2,994.55
Modern Craftsman High Footboard Bed
Sale: $3,088.05
Glastenbury Platform Bed
Sale: $2,889.15
Contour Ash Bed Copeland Furniture
Raised Panel Carriage Queen Storage Bed
Sale: $3,898.95
Andrews Spindle Queen Storage Bed
Sale: $3,898.95
Sloane Ash Bed Copeland Furniture
Patti Smith Queen Storage Bed
Sale: $3,898.95
Sutton Storage Bed
Sale: $4,214.30

High quality Vermont made solid wood beds and wooden bed frames give the best night's sleep! Our wooden bed frames are handcrafted to order and made in Vermont using natural, sustainable real solid hardwood from New England, Pennsylvania and the American Mid West.

Customize Your Solid Wood Bed

Vermont craftsmen use only the finest natural woods so you can sleep well knowing that your bed is eco-friendly and made using premium American hardwood. 100% USA made in modern, Shaker, mission, craftsman & traditional designs. Lifetime guarantee.

Our hardwood bed frames are hand made to order, so you can customize them online, by phone or in our Vernon VT showroom. First, choose your favorite natural solid wood:

  • Choose your finish: natural oil, clear eco friendly lacquer or an oil-wax finish
  • Add a stain color if you like
  • Choose your mattress size (Twin, Full, Queen, King or California King) or order a custom size bed frame
  • Let us know what type of mattress you have (platform, mattress and box springs, latex, Tempurpedic, foam) so we can make sure your bed frame will properly support it

Bed Styles to Enhance Your Bedroom Decor

Here you'll find handmade hardwood beds in many styles including:

  • Shaker wooden beds
  • Mission style beds
  • Craftsman beds
  • Arts & Crafts style bed frames
  • Storage beds
  • Modern wood beds
  • Mid century modern MCM beds
  • Copeland modern beds
  • Traditional & transitional beds
  • Spindle beds
  • Panel beds
  • Four poster beds
  • Pencil post beds
  • Beds with under bed storage

Storage Beds

Add extra space and organization to your bedroom with a storage bed! A clean, uncluttered bedroom with everything in it's place will leave you feeling happy and relaxed. Use the filter below to see which of our luxury, real wood beds are available with underbed storage. We are always adding new styles and designs so check back often if you don't see exactly what you need.  Better yet, give us a call.  Your bedroom furniture will be made to order and we are happy to customize almost any bed to include storage.

Bedroom Sets

Many customers who purchase a bed circle back around to us and eventually buy a couple nightstands, a dresser, perhaps a chest or blanket box and a mirror. We know it's a big investment but if at all possible, consider buying your bed as part of a matching bedroom set. You'll save up to 25%! That's because your craftsman creates efficiencies when building several matching pieces at once. Plus, there is a built-in savings on shipping when we make one delivery to your home rather than several. Just imagine your bedroom sanctuary all decked out in a full set of beautiful, natural solid wood furniture, handcrafted in Vermont. Check out our bedroom furniture sets here and give us a call with your questions or customizations.

Your Bed Frame is USA Made & Guaranteed for Life

You bed frame will be 100% American made by Vermont craftspeople and guaranteed for a lifetime. It's a bed you'll be proud to hand down to your children and grandchildren.  At a time when so many things are built with planned obsolescence in mind, it's nice to know you're investing in an heirloom that will withstand the test of time.

Expert Craftsmanship Creates Top Quality Bedroom Furniture

The craftspeople making your bed will use solid wood and a combination of old world construction and new world precision. We will build your bed with enduring quality-- as if it was going into our own bedroom.

Where to buy wood beds online

Learn more about buying online, our woods and finishes.