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We proudly offer the entire catalog of handcrafted Maple Corner Woodworks fine furniture online and in our showroom. Our friend, Robin Chase started Maple Corner Woodworks MCW in 1982.

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What Makes Maple Corner Woodworks Unique?

Tucked away in Central Vermont's rolling hills is a quintessential New England furniture studio called Maple Corner Woodworks. Our friend, Robin Chase started Maple Corner Furniture in 1982 when he built a woodworking studio adjacent to his home in Calais, Vermont. Robin wanted to provide people with beautiful, elegantly designed wooden furniture that would last a lifetime.

Striving towards and adhering to the highest standards in quality, consistency, and design, Robin's creations are uniquely his own.

The MCW team finishes their wood furniture with a non-toxic, zero VOC linseed oil. Several coats of polyurethane oil are then applied by hand to the tops of tables and case-goods to add additional protection against water and scratches.

Its easy to see how this quaint workshop nestled in small-town Vermont consistently produces some of the finest furniture made anywhere in the world.

A bedroom with a bed, dresser, and a window.

Save 25% With the Purchase of 4 or More Pieces

The purchase of 4 or more pieces qualifies for a 25% make your own set discount, which will appear in your cart once the required quantity of items has been selected.

A group of people standing in front of a dresser.

World Class Design & Craftsmanship

Robin Chase, the founder and master craftsman at Maple Corner Woodworks, is a true visionary when it comes to furniture design. Many consider Robin a generational woodworking talent, and it is not uncommon for us to fill an entire house full of his creations.

An eco-friendly, handmade wooden dresser with two drawers, the Maple Corner Woodworks Cherry Moon 7-Drawer Dresser.

Maple Corner Woodworks Construction Details

Learn more about the materials, finishes, and techniques employed by craftsmen at MCM, including joinery techniques, hardware, and customizations.

Construction Details
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