Adirondack Chairs

These durable recycled plastic Adirondack Chairs are part of our low-maintenance, POLYWOOD® all weather outdoor furniture collection. Enjoy these super sturdy, American made, Adirondack chairs that not only look beautiful but are made to last and give you years of carefree enjoyment.

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Thank you for shopping our collection of outdoor rocking chairs, featuring durable and low-maintenance recycled plastic Adirondack Chairs from our POLYWOOD® all weather outdoor furniture line. Our Adirondack chairs are built to last, providing years of carefree enjoyment, without the need for constant maintenance. Made from recycled plastic drink containers, these chairs feature modern, maintenance-free, recycled plastic lumber while retaining the classic outdoor wood furniture design.

Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs: Environmentally Friendly and Stylish

Our Adirondack chairs are made from recycled plastic drink containers, ensuring that you are making an environmentally friendly choice while enjoying stylish and comfortable furniture. The plastic lumber used in the production of these chairs replicates the thickness, weight, and strength of wood, providing a long-lasting and sturdy option for your outdoor space.

All-Weather Adirondack Chairs: Perfect for Any Climate

Our all-weather Adirondack chairs are designed to withstand the elements, making them the perfect choice for any climate. Whether you live in a hot and humid environment or a cold and snowy one, our chairs will maintain their color and shape, providing you with comfortable seating year-round. Our chairs are UV-resistant, preventing fading and discoloration from the sun's rays, and they are also resistant to moisture and mildew, ensuring that they will last for many years to come.

Adirondack Chairs Made in the USA: High-Quality Craftsmanship

All of our Adirondack chairs are made in the USA, ensuring that you receive the highest quality craftsmanship and materials. Our chairs are super sturdy and designed to last, giving you peace of mind that you are making a wise investment in your outdoor space. Our chairs come in many different styles and colors, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your personal style.

Optional All-Weather Cushions: Enhanced Comfort and Style

Our all-weather Adirondack chairs are already comfortable on their own, but for an added touch of luxury, we also offer optional all-weather cushions. These cushions are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the elements, providing you with comfortable seating and enhancing the style of your outdoor space.

Shop Our Collection of Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs Today

Our collection of recycled plastic Adirondack chairs is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. With their stylish design, high-quality craftsmanship, and all-weather durability, these chairs are a must-have for anyone who loves spending time outside. Browse our collection today and choose the perfect match for your personal style.

Ultra Durable & Low Maintenance

The recycled plastic lumber used to make this outdoor furniture has the look, thickness, weight, and feel of real wood, and it’s virtually indestructible. No more scraping, painting, or weatherproofing– you can leave this HDPE furniture outside year round and never have to worry about it rotting or deteriorating. No maintenance required other than simply washing with water.

Perfect for the Patio, Garden, Porch, or Balcony

Whether you’re looking for a deep-seating outdoor couch for the patio, a dining set for the balcony, or Adirondack chairs for the porch, we’ve got the perfect fit for your outdoor space. Our all-weather recycled plastic furniture is resistant to mold and mildew, unaffected by insects, and heavy enough to withstand strong winds.

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