Spotlight on Maple Corner Woodworks

Maple Corner Woodworks | Handmade Bedroom Furniture The Andover Modern bedroom set is a newer addition to Maple Corner Woodwork's catalog but it's quickly gaining popularity. Andover fuses traditional Shaker and modern design.

The Best Kept Secret in Vermont's Furniture World

Tucked away in Central Vermont's rolling hills is a quintessential New England furniture studio called Maple Corner Woodworks. Our friend, Robin Chase started Maple Corner Furniture in 1982 when he built a woodworking studio adjacent to his home in Calais, Vermont. Robin wanted to provide people with beautiful, elegantly designed wooden furniture that would last a lifetime.

Small is Beautiful

We visited Maple Corner Woodworks in February and brought our videographer friend, Shane McFalls of Mondo MediaWorks in Brattleboro, VT. There's something really special about furniture built by the hands of such a small team of passionate professionals. These craftspeople have been working together for many years and their signature style comes through on every handcrafted piece.
Maple Corner Furniture | Craftspeople | Vermont Woods Studios Here's Shane joking with the talented craftspeople at Maple Corner Woodworks. Actually the crew isn't quite this small. A couple of the woodworkers were out cross-country skiing during their lunch break when we took the photo.

Better Together

Vermont's a great place for small businesses to work together to create value. Here people truly do embrace the old fashioned values of quality, integrity and sustainability. With so many like-minded companies around, it makes sense to partner in a way that leverages the best that both companies have to offer. In our case, the partnership means Robin and his crew have more time to hone their craft while we at Vermont Woods Studios focus on employing the latest digital marketing technologies to promote and sell their work.
Maple Corner Furniture | Vermont Woods Studios | Partnership Robin and I have been working together for over 10 years. At Vermont Woods Studios, we're excited to be able to bring Maple Corner's beautiful handmade furniture to you via our online furniture store and at our Stonehurst showroom in Vernon, VT.

How To Purchase

Give us a call or stop by our store to learn more about the fine, handmade furniture from Maple Corner Woodworks. We are happy to work with you to customize Robin's designs so they fit perfectly into your space and style. We know how meaningful each handcrafted piece will be to your family. We back Robin's quality with a lifetime guarantee and we deliver with a white glove service to make sure everything arrives to your home in perfect order.

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