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Your dream bedroom set isn’t complete without a dresser or a chest of drawers. Paired with a matching bed and mirror, your bedroom chest adds as much style and grace to your bedroom as functionality. Expertly handcrafted in Vermont and guaranteed for a lifetime.

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Cherry Moon 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,011.20
Vermont Shaker 6 Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,920.80
American Shaker 6-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,920.80
Contemporary Craftsman Tall Storage Chest
Sale: $2,578.40
Contemporary Craftsman 7-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,094.40
American Country Chest of Drawers
Sale: $1,607.20
Vermont Shaker Extra Wide Chest
Sale: $3,090.40
Modern Shaker 7-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,094.40
Cherry Moon Lingerie Chest
Sale: $3,644.80
Bow-Front Chest
Sale: $3,076.00
American Shaker 4-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,151.20
Vermont Shaker 7 Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,576.80
American Shaker 3-Drawer Chest
Sale: $1,856.80
American Shaker 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,569.60
Cherry Moon 4-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,580.80
American Shaker 7-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,576.80
Modern American 7-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,024.00
Green Mountain Chest
Sale: $2,807.20
Vermont Shaker 5 Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,569.60
Modern Shaker 6-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,094.40
Vermont Shaker Lingerie Chest
Sale: $3,226.40
Cherry Moon 3-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,128.00
Renfrew Shaker Chest
Sale: $2,864.80
Northup Craftsman Chest
Sale: $2,952.00
Cherry Moon Gent's Chest (Chifforobe)
Sale: $4,596.00
Modern Shaker 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,812.80
Andrews Natural Cherry 7/8-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,904.00
American Shaker Lingerie Chest
Sale: $3,226.40
Cherry Moon 6-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,690.40
Cherry Moon Sweater Chest
Sale: $4,233.60
Vermont Shaker Blanket Chest
Sale: $2,218.40
Cherry Moon Blanket Chest
Sale: $2,218.40
Renfrew Shaker 5-Drawer Chifforobe
Sale: $3,189.60
Andrews Natural Cherry 6/7 Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,572.00
Modern American 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,601.60
American Shaker Sweater Chest
Sale: $3,712.80
Modern Shaker 2-Drawer Blanket Chest
Sale: $1,840.00
Contemporary Craftsman Lingerie Chest
Sale: $2,777.60
Modern Shaker Short Storage Chest
Sale: $1,699.20
New England Shaker Lingerie Chest
Sale: $2,409.60
Contemporary Cable 6-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $3,117.60
Cherry Moon Wide 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,543.20
New England Shaker Chest
Sale: $2,482.40
Modern Shaker Tall Storage Chest
Sale: $2,578.40
Contemporary Craftsman 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,812.80
Vermont Shaker 3 Drawer Chest
Sale: $1,856.80
Contemporary Cable 3-Drawer Chest
Sale: $1,865.60
Vermont Shaker 4-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,151.20
Andrews Natural Cherry Armoire
Sale: $3,447.20
Modern Shaker Tall Armoire
Sale: $4,277.60
American Shaker Gents Chest
Sale: $4,312.80
American Country Blanket Box
Sale: $1,800.80
Modern Shaker 4-Drawer Sweater Chest
Sale: $2,132.80
Andover Modern Chest
Sale: $2,705.60
New England Shaker Blanket Box
Sale: $1,800.80
Loft Chest
Sale: $2,391.20
Larssen Chest
Sale: $2,578.40
Modern Shaker 7-Drawer Lingerie Chest
Sale: $2,777.60
Renfrew Shaker Armoire
Sale: $3,287.20
Modern Shaker Large Storage Chest
Sale: $5,860.00
Kipling 5-Drawer Chest - Wide
Sale: $2,601.60
Modern Craftsman 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,812.80
Andrews Natural Cherry Chifforobe
Sale: $2,935.20
Bow Front Lingerie Chest
Sale: $2,952.80
Holland 6-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,112.80
Vermont Shaker Gents Chest
Sale: $4,312.80
Contemporary Cable 2-Drawer Chest
Sale: $1,758.40
Modern Craftsman 3-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,016.00
Sutton 4-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,203.20
Kipling 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,391.20
Sutton 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,462.40
Contemporary Cable 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,508.00
Gamble 4-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,580.80
Holland 4-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,630.40
Sutton 6-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,724.80
Holland 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,928.00
Green Mountain 7 Drawer Lingerie Chest
Sale: $2,952.80
Contemporary Cable 7-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,387.20
New England Shaker Armoire - Wardrobe
Sale: $3,473.60
Cherry Moon Jewelry Cabinet
Sale: $4,754.40

Your dream bedroom set isn’t complete without a dresser or a chest of drawers. Paired with a matching bed and mirror, your bedroom chest adds as much style and grace to your bedroom as functionality. Expertly handcrafted in Vermont and guaranteed for a lifetime.

Our Natural Hardwoods

Our solid wood chests are handcrafted in Vermont using real, North-American hardwoods. We source all our timber from sustainably managed forests right here in the USA. Much of our oak and maple comes from Vermont’s own green mountains. Our cherry and walnut woods come from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, where the cherry and walnut trees grow naturally in abundance.

The thumbnails below represent natural cherry, walnut, maple, and oak woods with a clear, natural finish. If you are looking for a darker or lighter color, just use our dropdown menus to select a wood stain. You’ll find many choices of stains from light ivory to amber to ebony and espresso. Each dresser product page provides the wood and finish options available for that model. Click on the “Order Samples” tab to have wood samples sent to your home.

Styles and Designs

Like it or not, your bedroom furniture can say a lot about you. Dressing your bedroom with Vermont made wood furniture is pure class.

What’s the difference between a chest of drawers and a dresser? We use the term chest to refer to a set of drawers that is taller than it is wide. The opposite is true of dressers.

Narrow your selection by shopping for Shaker Style Chests or Chests by Copeland Furniture. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Take a look at our selection of Dressers.

Customize Online

You can easily customize your dresser online using our drop-down menus. Choose from any of the available hardwoods. Pick a finish option and a set of dimensions. Even customize your drawer pulls.

Many customers call us because one of our designs inspired one of their own. They want a different arrangement of drawers. Or maybe they just want to tweak the dimensions a bit. We want you to get the bedroom set of your dreams. We’ll work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. For more involved customizations, contact us for a quote.

Why Buy From Us?

  • All our wood furniture and home decor is handcrafted in Vermont. We strive to offer our customers the highest quality products on the market while supporting the American economy and sustainable business practices.
  • We have excellent customer testimonials both here on our site and on third-party review sites like Yelp, Sitejabber, Facebook and Google+.
  • We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products, and free, white-glove shipping on orders over $3,000.
  • You can easily customize your furniture online using our drop-down menus.

Join us in Furnishing a Greener World. Read more about our mission.

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