Fine Wood Furniture: Top 5 Tips for Shopping Online

French Country Dining Set | American Made | Vermont Woods Studios | Fine Wood Furniture
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Experts Provide Value

Would you buy a Lexus from Walmart? Of course not. With any luxury item, you'll want to shop for value at a store that specializes in superior quality and service. For fine wooden furniture, those stores are almost always small shops that focus on handmade, hardwood furniture, built to order by local craftspeople. Look for sustainably harvested North American woods, expert sales staff, and a lifetime guarantee on your furniture. This type of commitment and dedication are not hard to find. Search online for handcrafted, American made, fine wood furniture and you will discover many great options.

Quality Dining & Kitchen Sets | Modern, Shaker, Mission, Craftsman, Arts & Crafts, MCM | Vermont Woods Studios | Fine Wood Furniture

The Real Deal is Your Best Deal

Don't be tempted by ostensibly great deals and low prices on goliath websites. You'll find additional costs are often hidden in the fine print. For example, furniture superstores often charge hundreds of dollars for a 5 year warranty on a dining set. You could buy the same set from a specialty store and receive a free lifetime guarantee. Superstores don't get fine furniture. Their expertise is in selling merchandise in the low-medium quality range. Nothing wrong with that. But you can't expect them to have the expertise it takes to safeguard your investment through the fine furniture making & delivery process. Fact is, premium quality, sustainably harvested North American hardwood is expensive. Craftspeople who build genuine American made furniture must be paid a livable wage. Quality costs money.
Modern Shaker File Cabinet-Credenza | Solid Hardwood | American Made | Fine Wood Furniture Top quality American made furniture frequently comes with a lifetime guarantee. The real deal is your best deal.

Insist on White Glove Delivery & In Home Setup

Fine wood furniture must be shipped and delivered to you by a specialty furniture service. Things can go wrong with a common carrier. Delivery and shipping damage account for a high percentage of the complaints against the superstores on review sites like Trust Pilot and pissedconsumer. Fine furniture should be brought into your house, not left at your curbside or on your porch. Once inside, your furniture should be placed where you want it. It should be professionally assembled. You must be given the time to inspect it thoroughly to make sure there is no shipping damage. America's best fine furniture makers provide this "white glove shipping" as a standard practice. It may cost a little extra but the value is well worth a premium.
White Glove Delivery & Setup is a Must for Fine Furniture | Vermont Woods Studios

Skip the Goliaths

Online retail giants offer countless wood furniture options today. These companies are great for shopping many types of goods. But independent reviews indicate they’re poorly rated for delivering high end fine wooden furniture. Often their furniture is produced in developing countries, by workers in deplorable conditions, using wood of unknown (and frequently illegal) origin. Quality ranges from very poor to pretty good but it's just not the kind of furniture you're going to feel good about having in your home. And logistically, the retail giants are not good at all the things that have to happen after you click the buy button. That includes double checking order details, communicating any potential issues, providing meticulous customer service, ensuring a positive delivery experience, advising on furniture care and most important, providing a lifetime guarantee.

Contemporary Craftsman Bedroom Furniture Set | Solid Wood | Handmade | Vermont Woods Studios | Fine Wood Furniture

Talk to Your Furniture Specialist in Person or on the Phone

Shop with experts who have earned your trust if you're looking to invest in handcrafted, high quality, fine wood furniture. Seek out American made furniture companies, browse through their websites and get to know the people who can share their expertise with you. You'll be surprised at the level of detail and customer service they'll happily provide. Quality bedroom, dining and living room furniture is a keepsake that will serve your family for generations--purchase it from a specialty company you can trust.

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