Vermont: The New Furniture Capital of America?

Looking for authentic handmade wood furniture, made in the good 'ol USA? It's not so easy to find anymore, is it? Most Americans think of North Carolina as the fine furniture capital of the USA, but over the past 30 years, that has changed.

Modern American Dining Set
Modern American Dining Set

The furniture companies we think of as being quintessentially American -- for example Thomasville, Broyhill, Ethan Allen, American Drew and Lane -- may not make much furniture in the USA anymore. Depending on the price of oil and foreign labor they will often outsource their furniture to factories in China, Vietnam, Honduras, Mexico and other developing countries.

So where does one go to find authentic, high quality, handmade wood furniture?

Vermont really is the best place to buy american made wood furniture.

By unofficial count, some 2000 small wood furniture makers dot the rural Vermont countryside, taking advantage of the heavily forested nature of our state for supply of natural, eco-friendly raw materials.

Vermont has traditionally been home to a vibrant cottage industry of artisans, working in all types of media, including native hardwoods. Wood furniture makers from all around the globe flock to Vermont to practice their craft in the Green Mountain state.

A thriving community of woodworkers has developed, bringing together Vermont families who have practiced woodworking for many generations and newcomers who have brought new and different aspects of the craft to the area.

Shoppers come from around the world to shop in the small furniture studios and showrooms belonging to these craftsmen and women.

At Vermont Woods Studios we represent many of these craftspeople, providing a low cost venue for the marketing and sale of their work. Our mission is to collaborate with Vermont's fine furniture makers, enabling them to spend more time in their studios doing what they do best: making beautiful, solid wood furniture.

At the same time we can focus on our expertise: customer service-- thus creating greater efficiency and the best possible prices for your heirloom quality handmade furniture. Contact us to learn more about Vermont's many fine furniture makers and how to bring their work into your home or office.

Furniture aficionados will find Vermont furniture shopping to be quite a different experience than the routine trip to a neighborhood big box furniture store. Savvy customers are combining their furniture shopping with travel and tourism throughout Vermont's rural countryside.

To learn more about Vermont's handmade wood furniture shopping, check out the Vermont Fine Furniture Festival, held in Woodstock, VT every year during the last week of September. Vermont's finest furniture makers display their work and give you an insider's view of how authentic handmade wood furniture is made.