The Economic Impact of Sustainable Furniture

Sustainably managing forests is nothing new in Vermont. According to the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, 75% of the landmass in our state is forest land. Over 2,000 businesses in the state rely on those forests to generate ~$1.5B in annual revenue.
“Vermont’s forest products industry generates an annual economic output of $1.5 billion and supports 10,000 jobs in forestry, logging, processing, specialty woodworking, construction, and wood heating. In addition, Vermont’s forest recreation economy (skiing, etc) generates another $1.9 billion in economic output, and supports 10,000 additional jobs.” - VSJF

Despite all the economic activity dependent on our forests, they’re still growing in size and density.
Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

80% of the area covered by wooded forests is privately owned. Vermonters have done a tremendous job maintaining working forests and practicing sustainable forestry. However, deforestation is rampant in other parts of the world. Those forests are shrinking rapidly due to the demand for cheap lumber created by the global furniture and flooring industries.

Investing in our Communities

Along with other 1% for the Planet contributing members, we believe that companies can double the impact of their ethical operations through financial contributions.
Planting Trees | Vermont Woods Studios
As part of our mission, we donate some of our profits to conserve forests, plant trees, and save endangered species from going extinct due to habitat destruction. We’ve supported 26 non-profit organizations during our 15 years in business.
We also participate in a variety of community outreach activities to help our local and global communities. Through our partnership with Jose Luis Alvarez and his team, our customers are helping to build working forests in Mexico. Our hope is that the old-growth forests that Monarch butterflies rely on can remain unharmed by loggers.
From ethical practices and volumes of positive reviews and testimonials, a purchase from Vermont Woods Studios is one you count on to make you smile for years. Click here to read parts one and two of our triple bottom line sustainability mission.

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Alexandra Thompson

Alexandra Thompson is a Zero Waste & Recycling Expert and the Sustainability Programming Manager for Waste Free Earth. Waste Free Earth is on a mission to reinvent how society produces and consumes waste through education, engagement, and empowerment. They are changing the current business culture to one that prioritizes zero waste systems over single-use landfill items.

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