Furniture 100% Made in America

An American flag hangs in one of our partner's furniture workshops in Winooski, Vermont
"Every dollar you spend- or don't spend- is a vote cast for the type of world you want to live in."

Once upon a time, woodworking and furniture making were thriving industries in the US. Classic American furniture companies like Bassett, Broyhill, Lane, Lazy Boy, Kincaid, Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, and even Ethan Allen employed thousands of American workers and produced some of the highest quality furniture the world had ever seen.

Around the turn of the 21st century, many of those American furniture manufacturers ceased or downsized their US manufacturing facilities in favor of cheaper production overseas. Thousands of skilled American workers in North Carolina, Maine, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and even Vermont lost their jobs and their once-vibrant communities turned to ghost towns.

Today, most of the furniture sold in the USA is manufactured overseas and imported from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other parts of the developing world. This global supply chain leads to increased carbon emissions, deforestation & illegal logging, species extinction, and inhumane working conditions. Not to mention this imported furniture is often of low quality which leads to more waste in landfills.

The benefits of buying American made furniture go beyond your own home. Yes- furniture made in the USA tends to be of higher quality, but its also better for the planet and better for the economy.

Quilted Vermont Rocking Chair in Cherry

Quilted Vermont Rocking Chair

Contemporary Craftsman High Footboard Bed in Natural Cherry

Contemporary Craftsman High Footboard Bed

Invigo Adjustable Height Standing Desk in Walnut by Copeland Furniture

Invigo Walnut Standing Desk

Modern American Dining Table in Cherry

Modern American Dining Table

Higher Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

Higher Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

At Vermont Woods Studios, we work with some of the most talented and respected furniture and home decor craftspeople in the country. Our woodworkers use real, solid wood like cherry, walnut, maple, and oak, and we stand behind all our products with a lifetime guarantee.

An American Furniture Craftsman

More Sustainable Business Practices

Vermont Woods Studios founder Peggy Farabaugh visits non-profit partner La Cruz Habitat Protection Program in Mexico, where we fund a reforestation program that plants trees

More Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainability is baked into everything that we do. We are committed to sourcing wood responsibly from domestic, North-American forests. As a member of 1% for the Planet, we pledge 1% of our revenue towards environmental causes. Our products are built to last for generations, which means less waste destined for the landfill. And we steward a 109 acre working forest at our headquarters in Vermont.

Better for the American Economy

Better for the American Economy

Buying American made furniture is great for your home and great for the environment, but its also great for your neighbors. The wood furniture industry in the US provides income for thousands of Americans, including private land-owners, loggers, saw mill operators, lumber yards, furniture makers, and more. These U.S. businesses provide good working conditions and livable wages for Americans all over the country.

Robin Chase and his team at Maple Corner Woodworks in Calais, Vermont stands proudly in front of a Cherry Moon Chest of Drawers

Vermont: The Fine Wood Furniture Capital of America

A solid wood dining table built by American craftsman displayed in our showroom in Vermont during peak foliage season

Vermont: The Fine Wood Furniture Capital of America

Building high quality wood furniture is something that has been passed down in Vermont through several generations and hundreds of years. The Green Mountain State's historical values of sustainability and high-quality craftsmanship have propelled a movement that has positioned Vermont as the fine furniture capital of the world.

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