Cherry Wood Desks

Our cherry wood desks are handcrafted in Vermont and guaranteed to last a lifetime. No red staining or cheap veneers. Just premium natural cherry wood and quality American craftsmanship.

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Cherry Executive Desks

We use the term "executive desk" to refer to an enclosed desk with deep drawer storage on both sides. The deep drawer storage gives you a place to file all your important documents. Executive desks are designed to maximize storage and workspace, allowing for better organization and increased productivity.

Cherry Writing Desks

Writing desks are sleeker and simpler. They usually lack the concealing apron that you see on executive desks. Writing desks look almost like dining tables, and could be used as inspiration for such. They're great for the bedroom or living room as well. These desks are meant to bring out your inner creative. Whether you're trying to produce or relax, you don't need to be distracted by all the other noise in your life. Our modern, minimalist designs are engineered to help keep you in the zone.

Cherry Standing Desk

Adjustable desks are the latest innovation in office furniture. By allowing you the option of sitting or standing throughout the day, your productivity and comfort can be improved dramatically. The Invigo Sit-Stand Cherry Desk from Copeland Furniture is a shining example of this modern office improvement. Constructed with a solid cherry wood top, the base houses a system of mechanics allowing for the elevation level to be set with the simple touch of a button. With an extensive selection of custom options, you can easily make this desk the perfect workspace for your office environment. Experience the ultimate in office comfort with an Invigo Desk of your very own. 

Real Authentic Cherry Furniture

Natural cherry wood is perhaps the most prized furniture hardwood in America. Easily our most popular seller, cherry is a smooth-grained, reddish-brown hardwood that comes from the American Black Cherry tree.

Cherry Wood Furniture

Custom Built to Last a Lifetime

Our sustainable furniture is designed and built to last a lifetime using high quality materials and best-in-class construction. No particle board, cheap veneers, or formaldehyde. Just real solid wood, time-tested joinery techniques, and non-toxic wood finishes.

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