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Bedroom by Vermont Furniture Designs

Bedroom by Vermont Furniture Designs


Modern American Platform Bed
Sale: $1,566.40
Modern American Trellis Bed
Sale: $2,876.80
Horizon Platform Bed
Sale: $1,647.20
Bennington Bed
Sale: $2,262.40
Modern Shaker 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,450.40
Vergennes Platform Bed
Sale: $1,368.80
Contemporary Craftsman 7-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,062.40
Modern Shaker 7-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,062.40
Modern Shaker 10-Drawer Wide Dresser
Sale: $4,652.00
Modern Shaker High Footboard Bed
Sale: $2,448.00
Contemporary Craftsman Blanket Chest
Sale: $1,392.00
Modern Shaker 10-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $4,268.80
Modern American 7-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,992.80
Modern Shaker 6-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,062.40
Essex High Footboard Bed
Sale: $2,424.80
Incline Sleigh Bed
Sale: $2,308.80
Modern Shaker 6-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $3,155.20
Modern Shaker Blanket Chest
Sale: $1,392.00
Modern American 8-Drawer Dresser #1
Sale: $3,619.20
Modern Shaker 4-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $2,088.00
Modern Shaker 8-Drawer Dresser #2
Sale: $3,608.00
Modern American 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,392.00
Modern Shaker 8-Drawer Dresser #1
Sale: $3,608.00
Modern Shaker 8-Drawer 2-Door Dresser
Sale: $3,920.80
Modern American 10-Drawer Dresser #2
Sale: $4,199.20
Modern Shaker Low Footboard Bed
Sale: $2,273.60
Modern American 6-Drawer Dresser #2
Sale: $2,656.80
Skyline Panel Bed
Sale: $1,948.80
Modern Shaker 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,784.00
Modern American 10-Drawer Dresser #1
Sale: $4,199.20
Loft Platform Bed
Sale: $1,670.40
Contemporary Craftsman Lingerie Chest
Sale: $2,749.60
Modern Shaker Short Storage Chest
Sale: $1,682.40
Modern American 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,575.20
Contemporary Cable 6-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $3,085.60
Pendant Bed
Sale: $1,972.00
Macintosh Platform Bed
Sale: $2,320.00
Modern Shaker 2-Drawer Blanket Chest
Sale: $1,821.60
Contemporary Cable 3-Drawer Chest
Sale: $1,891.20
Modern Shaker 3-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $1,995.20
Contemporary Cable Platform Bed
Sale: $2,424.80
Modern Craftsman Low Footboard Bed
Sale: $2,703.20
Modern Craftsman High Footboard Bed
Sale: $2,876.80
Modern American 8-Drawer Dresser #2
Sale: $3,619.20
Modern Shaker 4-Drawer Sweater Chest
Sale: $2,111.20
Modern Shaker Tall Storage Chest
Sale: $2,552.00
Modern Shaker Tall Armoire
Sale: $4,234.40
Loft Chest
Sale: $2,366.40
Modern American 6-Drawer Dresser #1
Sale: $2,656.80
Glastenbury Platform Bed
Sale: $2,691.20
Contemporary Cable 8-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $4,048.80
Contemporary Cable 9-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $4,779.20
Larssen Bed
Sale: $1,972.00
Loft Double Dresser
Sale: $2,656.80
Modern Shaker 7-Drawer Lingerie Chest
Sale: $2,749.60
Larssen 6-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $2,923.20
Modern American 9-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $4,570.40
Loft 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,392.00
Larssen 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,392.00
Contemporary Cable 2-Drawer Chest
Sale: $1,693.60
Contemporary Cable 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,482.40
Larssen Chest
Sale: $2,552.00
Contemporary Cable 7-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,352.80
Larssen 8-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $3,967.20
Larssen 10-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $4,872.00
Modern Shaker Large Storage Chest
Sale: $5,800.00

Vermont Furniture Designs' exceptional solid wood bedroom furniture is handcrafted in Winooski, Vermont. We are proud to partner with the talented craftsmen and women at VFD -- so much that we guarantee their furniture for a lifetime.  Here you'll find a full selection of their high quality beds, dressers, chests, night stands, mirrors, blanket chests and armoires. Each beautiful piece is made to order, just for you, using eco-friendly sustainably harvested wood. VFD artisans bench-craft, using timeless techniques, such as dovetail drawers, mortise and tenon joinery and hand sanding. Each piece of wood is carefully matched for color and grain. The wood is finished with a natural oil and wax blend, which protects the piece while bringing out the color, grain, and depth of the wood and allowing it to age beautifully. A piece of VFD furniture can be transformative in any bedroom. Please give us a call with your questions or to customize VFD furniture.  We are a small family owned business, always delighted to speak to you.

Solid Hardwoods

We care about where our wood comes from and how it's harvested. Our friends at VFD have high standards in selecting local and regional prized hardwoods. They work in natural cherry, maple and walnut. These woods are grown sustainably here in Vermont and in neighboring states. They're valued for fine furniture making, by virtue of their exquisite color, strength, hardness, grain patterns and workability. 


Customization is easy with VFD furniture.  You can use our drop down menus to select different woods and sizes for each bed, chest, dresser, armoire & nightstand. Give us a call if you don't see just what you're looking for. We frequently modify VFD designs to make extra long beds, shorter or taller bed side rails, more or fewer drawers in a chest and so on. Because your furniture will be made to order, we can easily modify it to meet your needs. Complete customization is also available if you're looking for unique bedroom furniture. Vermont Furniture Designs craftspeople love to get creative. All you've got to do is ask.


If you've been collecting Vermont Furniture Designs since Arthur Weitzenfeld started the company in 1970, you know his styles as:

  • Heartwood (Modern Shaker with rounded edges)
  • Burlington (Modern Shaker with straight edges)
  • Mission (Mission)
  • Craftsman (Craftsman)
  • Horizon (Contemporary Craftsman)
  • Skyline (Modern American)
  • Winslow (Modern American)
  • Cable Crossing (Contemporary Cable)
  • Loft (Loft)
  • Larssen 

In parentheses you'll see the names we use for those collections in our Vermont Woods Studios store. Some of the names are a little different but the furniture is the same, genuine handcrafted article.

Why Purchase Vermont Furniture Designs Furniture Here?

  • We are partners, friends and neighbors, working closely with Vermont Furniture Designs on a daily basis
  • No other retailer can offer you greater knowledge of VFD products and processes
  • We offer a lifetime guarantee on all VFD furniture
  • We offer free, white-glove shipping on orders over $3,000
  • You can easily customize VFD furniture online or by giving us a call
  • We have excellent customer testimonials both here on our site and on third-party review sites like Yelp, Sitejabber, Facebook and Google+
  • As wood furniture makers, we're passionate about forest conservation. Your VFD bedroom furniture will be made from sustainably sourced local hardwoods and we'll plant trees in the Amazon rainforest to thank you for your order. So far we've planted almost 50,000 trees to restore rainforests where our competitors still choose to remove wood illegally. Your purchase also helps replenish the forest where monarch butterflies overwinter in Mexico
  • Our customers are helping to save forest-dwelling species from extinction. Now how many other furniture companies can say that?
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