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Dining Room by Lyndon

Dining Room by Lyndon


Modern Mission Table
Sale: $1,346.40
Vermont Modern Trestle Table
Sale: $1,698.30
Classic Shaker Boat Top Table
Sale: $1,713.60
Cherry Blossom Single Pedestal Table
Sale: $1,897.20
American Craftsman Dining Table
Sale: $1,650.70
Classic Shaker Large Buffet
Sale: $2,996.25
Modern Designer Dining-Conference Table
Sale: $2,141.15
Classic Shaker Small Buffet
Sale: $2,631.60
Cherry Blossom Double Pedestal Table
Sale: $2,202.35
American Mission Sideboard
Sale: $2,856.00
French Country Dining Table
Sale: $1,453.50
Natural Vermont Single Pedestal Table
Sale: $1,683.00
Classic Shaker Huntboard
Sale: $2,215.95
American Mission Trestle Table
Sale: $1,568.25
Rectangular Trestle Table
Sale: $1,379.55
Hampton Split Pedestal Extension Table
Sale: $2,196.40
American Mission Dining Table
Sale: $1,836.00
Natural Vermont Cherry Trestle Table
Sale: $1,921.00
Natural Shaker Sideboard
Sale: $2,996.25
Classic Shaker Large Buffet & Hutch
Sale: $5,737.50
Oval Trestle Table #2
Sale: $1,366.80
Boston Trestle Dining Table
Sale: $2,008.55
Addison Boat Top Dining Table
Sale: $2,123.30
Modern Contemporary Trestle Table
Sale: $1,532.55
Classic Country Buffet
Sale: $2,560.20
Classic Country Buffet & Hutch
Sale: $5,214.75
Oval Trestle Dining Table #1
Sale: $1,366.80
Duncan Phyfe - Cabriole Dining Table
Sale: $1,782.45
Small Classic Shaker 2-Door Buffet
Sale: $1,869.15
Andrews Contemporary Asian Sideboard
Sale: $2,996.25
New England Shaker Buffet
Sale: $2,560.20
Natural Vermont Double Pedestal Table
Sale: $1,768.00
Modern Mission Sideboard
Sale: $3,377.90
Hampton Round Pedestal Table
Sale: $1,296.25
Classic Shaker Flare Leg Boat Top Table
Sale: $1,683.00
Modern Mission Buffet
Sale: $2,885.75
Rectangular Turned Leg Dining Table
Sale: $1,410.15
Drop Leaf Table
Sale: $1,527.45
Andrews Natural Cherry Buffet & Hutch
Sale: $5,411.10
Hampton Square Pedestal Table
Sale: $1,296.25
Small Classic Shaker 1-Door Buffet
Sale: $1,601.40
New Traditions Round Pedestal Table
Sale: $1,629.45
Metropolitan Dining Table
Sale: $1,879.35
Reclaimed Barnwood Farm Table
Sale: $1,962.65
Modern Pedestal Dining Table
Sale: $2,105.45
Small Classic Shaker Buffet & Hutch
Sale: $2,932.50
Classic Shaker Buffet & Hutch
Sale: $5,051.55
Single-Leg Trestle Table
Sale: $1,357.45
Large Bistro Table
Sale: $1,445.85
American Mission Trestle Table (Boat Top)
Sale: $2,121.60
Classic Shaker Flare Leg Huntboard
Sale: $2,297.55
Fairfax Solid-Top Dining Table
Sale: $1,879.35
Andrews Natural Cherry Buffet
Sale: $2,914.65
Classic Shaker Flare Leg Large Buffet
Sale: $2,996.25
Addison 4 Drawer Buffet
Sale: $3,485.85
New England Shaker Buffet & Hutch
Sale: $4,890.90
Modern Designer Buffet & Hutch
Sale: $6,876.50
Brighton Dining Table
Sale: $1,450.95
Junction Solid-Top Table
Sale: $1,787.55
Classic Country Buffet in Reclaimed Wood
Sale: $3,456.10
Vershire Solid-Top Dining Table
Sale: $1,879.35
Brighton Buffet
Sale: $2,623.95
Classic Shaker Flare Leg Small Buffet
Sale: $2,677.50
Addison 4 Drawer Buffet with Glass Doors
Sale: $3,485.85
Modern Designer Sideboard
Sale: $3,559.80
Classic Shaker Flare Leg Buffet & Hutch
Sale: $4,952.10

We proudly offer the entire catalog of Lyndon Furniture's solid wood dining room furniture. The high quality kitchen tables, chairs, buffets, hutches, sideboards, mirrors and china cabinets below are carefully crafted in Lyndon, Vermont and guaranteed for a lifetime. Each beautiful piece is made to order, just for you, using sustainably harvested solid wood. We work closely with Lyndon on a daily basis. No other retailer can offer you greater knowledge of their products. Please give us a call with your questions or to customize Lyndon furniture. We are a small family business, always delighted to talk to you.

Honest Craftsmanship

The craftspeople at Lyndon Furniture combine traditional construction techniques with today's innovative high-precision technologies, relying on their eyes and hands for traditional color-matching, construction, assembly and final finishing. Each piece of furniture possesses distinct, enduring quality. "I think about every tree that is cut down and the power and privilege we have to extend it's life and display its beauty in the furniture we make."  Dave Allard, Founder. 

Solid Hardwoods

Lyndon dining furniture is made with choice North American hardwoods (Cherry, Maple, Oak, and Walnut) which are harvested through sustainable forestry practices. The predominant method is Single Tree Selection where trained foresters select individual trees for harvesting. The cut logs are then removed with the least disruption to the surrounding environment. This method creates openings in the forest canopy allowing more precipitation, sunlight, and nutrients to reach the forest floor ensuring the health of other trees. Responsible forest management takes into consideration long term timber production, while addressing water quality, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, forest aesthetics and recreational opportunities. 

Furniture Finishes

Vermont has some of the strictest environmental laws in the country which coincide with our views and respect of nature. Consequently Lyndon finishes have far lower VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) than current American industry standards, and far exceed the standards of imported products. Lyndon’s goal has always been to reduce or replace solvents in furniture coatings without sacrificing durability and beauty.


Customization is easy with Lyndon dining furniture.  You can use our drop down menus to select different woods and sizes for your dining table, buffet or hutch. Give us a call if you don't see just what you're looking for. We frequently modify Lyndon Furniture designs to make dining tables fit perfectly into your kitchen or dining room. Because your furniture will be made to order, we can easily modify it to meet your needs. Complete customization is also available so let your imagination run wild and your dreams fly. Send us a drawing, a photo or some chicken scratchings and we'll go from there.

Lyndon Dining Room Collections

If you've been collecting Lyndon Furniture since Dave Allard started the company in 1976, you know their styles as:

  • New Traditions (New England Shaker)
  • Tapered Leg Table (Classic Shaker)
  • Vermont Mission (American Mission)
  • Chelsea (Vermont Modern)
  • French Country
  • Homestead
  • Sherwood
  • And many more!

In parentheses you'll see the names we use for those collections on our Vermont Woods Studios website. Some of the names are a little different but the furniture is the same, genuine handcrafted article shipped direct to your home from Lyndon's workshop in Lyndon, VT.

Why Purchase Lyndon Furniture Here?

  • We are partners, friends and neighbors, working closely with Lyndon Furniture on a daily basis
  • No other retailer can offer you greater knowledge of Lyndon Furniture products and processes
  • We offer a lifetime guarantee on all Lyndon Furniture
  • We offer free, white-glove shipping on orders over $3,000
  • You can easily customize Lyndon Furniture online or by giving us a call
  • We have excellent customer testimonials both here on our site and on third-party review sites like Yelp, Sitejabber, Facebook and Google+
  • As wood furniture makers, we're passionate about forest conservation. Your Lyndon Furniture will be made from sustainably sourced local hardwoods and we'll plant trees in the Amazon rainforest to thank you for your order. So far we've planted almost 50,000 trees to restore rainforests where our competitors still choose to remove wood illegally. Your purchase also helps replenish the forest where monarch butterflies overwinter in Mexico
  • Our customers are helping to save forest-dwelling species from extinction. Now how many other furniture companies can say that?

Learn more about buying online, our woods and finishes.