Which Hardwood for Your Bedroom Furniture?

So Many Choices!

Walnut, cherry, maple, oak, birch, ash, poplar, rubberwood, mango wood, mahogany, eucalyptus, Brazilian cherry, teak. These are just a few of the woods you'll find when shopping for hardwood bedroom furniture. So how to choose and what difference does it make?

We've decided less is more.

natural wood species

If you're looking for furniture that's made in America, you can narrow your choice down to exclude the last 6 (everything after rubberwood). Those woods are imported, often stolen from tropical rainforest countries and brought here illegally. We recommend looking for woods that are grown locally. At Vermont Woods Studios we've chosen to work mainly with four hardwoods because they're abundant in our region, they're beautiful and they stand up to a lifetime of wear and tear.


natural wood species
By far our most popular wood for bedroom furniture is cherry. It's also one of our most misunderstood woods. Cherry starts out as a light pinkish-red wood, with even a bit of a golden hue. As the wood ages and is exposed to light, it darkens to its famous rich reddish-brown tone that everyone loves. Visit our cherry furniture page for an extensive look at this beautiful species.


natural wood species
One of my personal favorites, natural walnut wood, demands respect. It’s dark chocolate tone and soft grain pattern make it instantly sophisticated. It’s a popular choice for modern mid-century modern furniture, like our Copeland Astrid and Catalina bedroom furniture collections (it makes a great choice for dining furniture too). It’s a strong wood, that polishes to a silky smooth finish. For more detail, visit our walnut furniture page.


natural wood species
Maple wood is a native of Vermont, a light wood with soft grain patterns. It’s incredibly strong and resilient and great for brightening up a dark room. The contrast between the grain colors is also significantly less than say cherry wood, which is something to keep in mind if you think a bold grain pattern isn’t for you. See our maple furniture page to find beautiful examples of maple beds, chests and nightstands.


natural wood species
A very traditional choice, natural oak wood has been a favorite of craftsmen for centuries. With a golden yellow to white tone, oak is often seen in country style bedrooms with mission or craftsman decor. With a coarse grain pattern you can feel even when finished, oak is a strong, durable wood perfect for those who are really invested in bold wood choices. Oak wood may darken over time to an amber tone, but the change is subtle and not as substantial as the change in cherry wood. Click over to our oak wood page to learn more.
Which woods have you furnished your bedroom with?
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