Walnut Wood Furniture

Walnut Wood Furniture


Vermont is best known for our top quality real solid wood walnut furniture in modern, contemporary, MCM, mission & Shaker styles. Walnut tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, bookcases, beds and other furniture are all made from North American black walnut trees.

The solid wood furniture on our website is built to order and each furniture piece can be made in real black walnut wood, even if the photo shows it in cherry, maple or oak wood. Because black walnut wood is becoming rare, you may be interested to know that we ensure our wood is harvested sustainably from well managed forests in the USA. When you buy Vermont Woods Studios walnut furniture you are making a responsible decision to maintain a healthier planet.

About Black Walnut Wood

If you’ve been shopping for walnut furniture and find yourself unimpressed with what you see, there’s a reason for that. Much of the "walnut furniture" you’ll see in mainstream furniture stores is not walnut at all.  It's imported wood that’s stained dark.  But if you feel like our craftsman, Robin (“natural dark heartwood walnut is so beautiful, nothing compares”) you've come to the right place. The craftspeople at Vermont Woods Studios specialize in finding high quality, natural walnut wood that’s been sustainably harvested in North America.

The solid black walnut hardwood and time-tested craftsmanship used to build your walnut furniture ensure premium quality, luxury and durability. You can relax knowing that both your natural solid walnut wood furniture pieces and the forests they came from will all be around to enjoy for generations.

What's the difference between black walnut, American walnut and walnut wood?  It's all the same! Learn more about our walnut wood here.

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