Natural Wood Species: What's the Difference?

natural wood species

We've decided less is more. With so many options out there, we specialize in 4 natural wood species.

If you frequent our blog or have visited our website, you know then that we talk at length about the characteristics of natural cherry wood. If you’re new, not to worry! I’ll go over it in here so you won’t feel behind. But, what I really wanted to do for you, was breakdown the four natural wood species we work with: cherry, maple, oak and walnut.


natural wood species
By far our most popular natural wood species, cherry wood is also one of our most misunderstood woods. Cherry wood starts out as a light pinkish-red wood, with even a bit of a golden hue. As the wood ages and is exposed to light, it will darken to its famous rich reddish-brown tone that everyone loves. For even more information on cherry wood, visit our Cherry Wood page for an extensive look at this natural wood species.


natural wood species
One of my personal favorite woods, natural walnut wood demands respect. It’s dark chocolate tone and soft grain pattern make it instantly sophisticated. It’s a popular wood choice for modern mid-century furniture, like our Copeland Astrid and Catalina Collections and it makes a great choice for dining furniture. It’s a strong wood, that polishes to a silky smooth finish. For more information on walnut wood, visit our page dedicated to this beautiful wood.


natural wood species
A native of Vermont, maple wood is a light wood with soft grain patterns. It’s incredibly strong and resilient and great for families with children. It also tends to cost less than walnut and cherry wood so it’s a great option if you want to stain your wood. The contrast between the grain colors is also significantly less than say cherry wood, which is something to keep in mind if you think a bold grain pattern isn’t for you. For more information on natural maple wood, visit our page that goes into great detail.


natural wood species
A very traditional choice, natural oak wood has been a favorite of craftsmen for centuries. With a golden yellow to white tone, oak is often seen in country style homes with mission or craftsman style decor. With a coarse grain pattern you can feel even when finished, oak is a strong, durable wood perfect for those who are really invested in bold wood choices. Oak wood may darken over time to an amber tone, but the change is subtle and not as substantial as the change in cherry wood. For more information on oak wood, click here.
As you can see we have a lot of information on natural wood species. I hope this was informative and if you have any questions let me know in the comments or give our knowledgeable sales team a call at (888) 390-5571 or stop into our Stonehurst Showroom, located in the Green Mountain Forest.

BONUS: We have a select number of collections available in natural ash wood. Another light wood, strong and durable and perfect for staining as well.

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