Green Team Profile: Geoff Strawbridge

In this #VWSGreenTeam profile, we're introducing Geoff Strawbridge. Geoff has previous work experience in high-growth tech startups including Tripod (acquired during his time there by Lycos) and MyWebGrocer, and is the founder and CEO of BootstrapVT, a marketing consultancy based in Burlington, VT.

Geoff is an important part of the management, marketing, and IT teams here and is helping us define our segment of the online furniture market.

Q&A with Geoff Strawbridge

When did you start at Vermont Woods Studios and what brought you here?

I started with Vermont Woods Studios in September of 2017 to help with marketing, technology and growing the business profitably. I have expanded my role to help with the leadership of both marketing and tech teams. We’ve made some very good progress over the past year. I look forward to continuing our progress with our platforms, our products and sharing VWS handcrafted furniture with more new customers!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I run my own consulting firm, BootstrapVT, so I have many clients to serve. Typically, I am at my laptop creating content, managing campaigns, measuring analytics by 8:30 am. I work at a co-working space where many entrepreneurs and colleagues gather. It’s varied but there is usually ping pong involved.

What's your favorite part about working with Vermont Woods Studios?

I love visiting our workshop partners such as Maple Corner Woodworks and Vermont Furniture Designs. There we are usually shooting some photos or videos to show the world how our partners build world-class handmade furniture. It is amazing to see a pile of cherry wood transformed into a beautiful dining room table.

Pizza or Ice Cream?


What's your favorite Vermont brand (other than Vermont Woods Studios)?

Run Amok's collection of smoked and infused artisan maple syrup
Runamok is a Vermont company that makes smoked and infused artisan maple syrup and is redefining the maple industry and its' relationship with food.

I have to say my favorite brand is Runamok Maple, one of my clients, who are reinventing maple here in Vermont. P.S. They have really, really good maple syrup. In new and exciting flavors.

Describe your typical commute to work.

As I mentioned earlier, I work at a startup incubator and co-working space called VCET so my commute is enjoyable. I love coming to VCET to work, to build new brands and generally to interact with other startups.

You're furnishing your dream house. What's in it?

Andover Incline Bed in Cherry by Maple Corner Woodworks
The Andover Modern Furniture Collection showcases the perfect fusion of traditional and modern design. Andover’s clean, straight lines, with just a hint of traditional flair make this solid wood collection elegant & contemporary. A great modern bedroom set to make your nighttime oasis cozy, stylish and unique.

A mix of modern and contemporary handcrafted furniture. Maybe a Dining Table by Copeland with some more traditional bedroom stuff in maple like the Andover Incline Bed.

You're dumping your old dining set. What's next?

I actually made my own dining set a few years ago with my family at Shackleton Thomas. It’s part of the Naked Table Project (“naked” meaning unadorned maple). It is really awesome so I won’t be dumping my dining set anytime soon!

Pick one bed to sleep on for the rest of your life.

Andover Incline Bed in maple.

What else should we know about you?

I got my graduate degree in Scotland at the University of St. Andrews. I played rugby in college. I have played squash (racquet sport) for over 35 years including at Trinity College.

What are you jamming out to?

That is a GREAT question….

  1. Greta Van Fleet on YouTube
  2. Khalid on NPR’s Tiny Desk
  3. Dermot Kennedy on Spotify
  4. Joseph on Tiny Desk Concerts

What's one book you'd recommend everyone should read?

I’ll make it easy on you---it is shorter than a book. It is an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson called “Self-Reliance”.

What are you watching on Netflix?

An contemporary English BBC series called Bodyguard with a war veteran assigned as a bodyguard to a high ranking UK official. The lead actor, Richard Madden, is from Game of Thrones. He plays a bodyguard with PTSD and is assigned to protect the Home Secretary.

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

I’d be a maple tree. Specifically, I’d be a rock maple or sugar maple (Acer saccharum) as they live to be over 400 years old. Rock Maple is considered the king of the Acer genus. Its wood is stronger, stiffer, harder, and denser than all of the other species of Maple.

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