Dining Furniture Designs: Which One Is Right For You?

We've got 4 of the most popular dining furniture designs and we're breaking each one down.

Dining Furniture Designs: Which One Is Right For You?
Our Andrews Natural Cherry Buffet & Hutch
With so many styles and designs out there today, sometimes it can be hard to keep it straight. We've got 4 of the most popular dining furniture designs and we're breaking each one down.

dining furniture designs

Our French Country Dining Table, Roundback Chairs and Classic Shaker Flare Leg Huntboard all in natural cherry.

Mission-Craftsman Style Dining Furniture

dining furniture designs

Our American Mission Dining Table and Chairs in natural cherry.

In the furniture and home design world, you see Mission Craftsman design, Arts & Crafts, Mission Design or American Craftsman thrown out there a lot. From Stickley to Frank Lloyd Wright the designs of these ingenious designers are having a resurgence. You can’t go very long without seeing a design blog or magazine spotlighting these designs.
Mission-Craftsman style furniture is often seen as simple, structured design. It’s heavy proportions and accented joinery showcase the craftsmanship behind each piece of furniture. The furniture is made with the idea that it will truly last generations to come. Refinement isn’t lost on this design though, craftsman will make style and design statements whether it’s a curved apron on a sideboard or a waved back chair.
You’ll commonly see chairs and tables with a robust structure/frame and slimmer uniformed slats along the chair back or the sides of tables. Learn more about our Mission-Craftsman furniture here.

Shaker Style Dining Furniture

dining furniture designs

Our Classic Shaker Dining Table and Classic Shaker Dining Chairs #2 in natural cherry wood.

The most popular style of furniture among our customers is Shaker. The design is simple, free of frill and ornateness. It’s known for its strong, sturdy craftsmanship and functionality. Another great aspect of Shaker furniture is its timelessness. The simple design allows it to transcend any style room generation after generation. It can be dressed down or placed in an elegant setting.
A famous Shaker furniture design to look for is the Windsor chair. We love Shaker so much we even have Shaker furniture sales. Learn even more about the furniture and the history behind it here.

Modern Dining Furniture

dining furniture designs

Our Modern American Dining Set in natural cherry wood.

Describing modern furniture may seem complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. Modern furniture is clean and sleek...streamlined. It is heavily influenced from Asian, midcentury-America and modern Scandinavian design.
It uniquely combines multiple genres of style to create a contemporary look that is both in trend and classic. Modern design is usually free of frill and often defies traditional design elements. See our modern collection here.

Traditional Dining Furniture

dining furniture designs

Our Andrews Natural Cherry Buffet in natural cherry wood.

Different from Mission and Shaker style furniture, Traditional American Furniture embodies a true sense of “Americana”. It’s made with craftsman ingenuity and is known for its strong and sturdy design. Traditional furniture is both elegant and timeless drawing on inspiration from the countryside and mountains it is often made from. View more of our Traditional American Furniture here.
Mission, Shaker, Modern and Traditional are just four of many different styles of furniture you can find for you home. Look through each collection and learn which one may be for you. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email our knowledgeable sales team or stop into our Showroom open seven days a week.

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