Copeland Furniture: How To Get The Best Price

Copeland Furniture | Monterey Bedroom Set | Best Prices If you're looking to purchase Copeland furniture, like most shoppers, you're looking for the best price and most dependable shipping & delivery service (shown above, Copeland's Monterey collection blends modern Asian design with elements of traditional American Arts and Crafts).

Copeland Furniture

Copeland furniture is one of Vermont's most recognizable home furniture brands. For over 30 years, Tim Copeland and his family have been building a reputation for world class, high end furniture in a variety of crisp, clean designs. Shaker style defined Copeland's early furniture but over the years many additional styles have evolved. The Monterey collection (shown above) blends Asian design with elements of traditional American Arts and Crafts. More recent collections like the Astrid, Catalina and SoHo collections reflect American mid-century modern designs.

How to Get the Best Prices

If you're looking to purchase Copeland furniture, like most shoppers you're probably looking for the best price. And you've noticed that all retailers are charging essentially the same price. Well, that's no coincidence. Like many furniture companies, Copeland publishes a minimum price that retailers must abide by. This is the lowest price you'll ever see on Copeland furniture in any retail store. It's a fair price and commensurate with the true value of Copeland's furniture. It's meant to help keep Copeland's retailers from going out of business, declaring bankruptcy and damaging the Vermont furniture industry. Thus if you're shopping for Copeland furniture you're not going to get less than this price unless you're buying a floor model, a return or a scratch and ding sample.
So... first thing when shopping for Copeland furniture is to make sure you insist on getting this minimum price.

Buy Copeland Furniture in Sets and Save on Shipping

Next thing, especially if you're shopping online is to negotiate the lowest price for white glove shipping and delivery. This is an important service as you do not want a box full of expensive, high end, HEAVY furniture being delivered to your home by UPS. Or placed on the curbside (a common practice) when you have no way to get it into the house and possibly up a flight of stairs or two.
The best way to save on white glove shipping is to purchase Copeland furniture as a set. If a retailer charges the typical $300 per item for white glove shipping and delivery, that adds up quickly. Buy the furniture as a set instead and pay a total of $450 to ship all the pieces together. Buying several pieces? You could save hundreds or even thousands.
At Vermont Woods Studios, because we are just down the road from Copeland Furniture we ship more efficiently and economically than other retailers. That savings is passed on to our customers. We are committed to offering the best prices on Copeland Furniture and even have a low price guarantee.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Copeland Furniture at Vermont Woods Studios

Now that you know how to get the best price, check out nine more reasons to buy Copeland furniture from Vermont Woods Studios.

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