Construction Details: Contour Collection

Copeland Harbor Island Furniture


Copeland Contour is available in either solid American Black Walnut hardwood or solid Ash hardwood. Contour Walnut is available only with a natural wood finish. Contour Ash is available in 3 wood finishes: Soaped Ash, Weathered Ash, and Seared Ash.

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Natural Walnut

Natural Walnut

Soaped Ash

Soaped Ash

Dark Chocolate Maple

Weathered Ash

Seared Ash Wood Sample

Seared Ash

The Copeland Furniture Finish

Our standard top coat is a pre-catalyzed lacquer. The "pre" refers to the fact that the acidic catalyst is added by the finish manufacture, as opposed to post-catalyzed lacquers where the components are combined at the time of spraying. Copeland's finishes are Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) rated - meaning they are made to withstand the type of heat, grease and spills typically found in a kitchen setting. This durability is a significant advantage over the industry's standard conventional lacquers. Also noteworthy is the matte, satin look and feel of our finish which contrasts favorably with the heavy build-up and high gloss of conventional finishes.


All pieces are finished with a catalyzed lacquer/varnish finish that resists stains, moisture rings and spots, heat damage (from hot beverages, etc.), and abrasions. Finishes are formulated to meet Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) standards and provides lasting protection. Standard finish is GREENGUARD Certified: We use a catalyzed sealer and top coat that is GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions as the default finish option on all of our products. GREENGUARD certification is a testing program of UL (Underwriters Laboratory) focusing on the issue of indoor air quality. Further information about GREENGUARD certification, can be found at:


The Contour collection drawers come standard with a flat satin nickel pull. This collection is available with any of the following hardware options on the drawers EXCEPT FPW-004:

Copeland Hardware
* "xxx" denotes that this knob is available in several different woods/stains. Contact us for details

Bed Headboards

The Contour headboard is crafted out of solid walnut hardwood. A ribbon of American Black Walnut with softly curved edges wraps around a slatted center (made up of multiple boards).

Bed Platforms

Contour platform beds are designed with a 3/4 thick, high quality, furniture grade Baltic Birch plywood deck which provides the platform structure which the mattress sits on. That platform is framed by a solid black walnut trim. The trim is visible in the photos, the deck itself (under the mattress) is not visible. Also, all beds include 2 center support legs that assure a level sleeping surface as well as compliance with standard mattress warranties. Contour beds utilize two center support legs for additional mattress support.

Contour Headboard
Contour Bed Platform

Drawer Boxes

Copeland's drawer fronts are solid wood, 3/4" thick. Drawer sides and backs are also solid wood - cherry, maple or ash - and are a full 5/8" thick. Drawer bottoms are 1/4" high-grade plywood panels (5 Layer baltic birch).

You'll notice that our drawers are joined with an asymmetrical English dovetail joint. Asymmetrical refers to the fact that the pins (seen on the drawer front) and tails (seen on the drawer side) are of different widths. This is the gold standard in traditional joinery and is both aesthetically & structurally superior to other common techniques.

The drawer front integrates directly with the drawer side. Often you will find furniture where the drawer front is simply screwed on to a pre-existing drawer box. This is usually because the manufacturer has opted to purchase pre-manufactured drawer boxes rather than going to the trouble of designing, engineering and building the components to match their individual designs. Sadly, many manufacturers who market themselves as Made in the USA engage in this practice, effectively outsourcing components that make up nearly half of the product.

Some manufacturers cut corners, leaving drawer boxes unfinished. Not only is this unsightly, it is potentially hazardous to your clothing. Delicate garments can be snagged or even torn on rough unsanded surfaces and this becomes more pronounced with age as the unprotected wood is exposed to changing humidity. Copeland's drawer boxes are fully finished and sanded on the interiors.

Case Drawer

Solid Wood Case Sides

Forty-five Degree Miter construction refers to the angle in which solid wood tops and sides are joined to create a perfectly seamless perimeter. Stylistically, these cases are highly refined and visually Modern. The technique to produce this style of case requires extreme precision and is only attainable through exacting detail. The leading edge of the cases is beveled to present a thin delicate, line that belies their considerable heft.

Forty-five Degree Miter Construction

Drawer Glides

The Astrid collection uses an Under Mounted Soft Close Glide on all bedroom, dining room and media case pieces. These full extension glides provide a gentle bump as the drawer is fully extended and a soft automatic retraction as the drawer closes. Since they are under mounted there is no visible hardware.

Under-mounted drawer glide