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This all weather outdoor furniture is made in America with recycled HDPE plastic. It’s weather-resistant, low-maintenance, and guaranteed for life. Enjoy more time outside this summer and every summer with this high quality, recycled plastic outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Sets

Outdoor Furniture Sets

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Outdoor Chairs

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Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets



POLYWOOD® Outdoor Patio Furniture

The outdoor furniture you see on our site is manufactured by POLYWOOD® in Syracuse, Indiana. It is 100% American made and super eco-friendly. The composite plastic lumber has the look, thickness, weight, and feel of real wood and it’s virtually indestructible. No more scraping, painting, or weatherproofing– you can leave this HDPE furniture outside year round and never have to worry about it rotting or deteriorating. The recycled plastic lumber that this furniture is made from is dyed all the way through to prevent the color from fading.

Here are a few reasons why HDPE Recycled plastic outdoor furniture is so great:

  • Eco-Friendly: This outdoor furniture is made from high-quality HDPE recycled plastic– the same stuff your milk jugs and detergent bottles are made from. It keeps plastic out of landfills and reduces the demand for tropical rainforest woods like teak, eucalyptus, and redwood, which are often used in outdoor wood furniture.

  • Low-Maintenance: No maintenance required other than simply washing with water. For deeper cleans, use a power washer.

  • Weather-Resistant: Impervious to harsh weather such as rain, snow, ice, and salt water

  • Will Last Forever: High-quality HDPE recycled plastic outdoor furniture is insect, mold and mildew resistant.

  • Stylish and Customizable: Available in natural colors, as well as white, black and a wide variety of vibrant, contemporary colors

  • Non-Toxic: Unlike traditional outdoor wood furniture, there’s no toxic preservatives or chemicals in POLYWOOD.

  • Heavy and Ultra-Durable: An average chair weighs about 40 pounds, so it won’t blow away in strong breezes

  • Made in America: This outdoor patio furniture is made in Syracuse, Indiana with 100% recycled plastic.

These recycled plastic outdoor furniture sets are perfect for the patio, lawn, garden, porch, and more!

Outdoor Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are true staples of summer. They are comfy, colorful, and make the perfect lounging chairs for long days next to the lake or pool.

We have an excellent selection of high-quality Adirondack chairs in several different styles including:

Shop the full selection of Adirondack chairs.

Deep Seating Outdoor Furniture

Our luxurious deep seating club chairs, sofas, loveseats and ottomans have plush cushions and are super comfy, durable and low-maintenance. This high quality deep seating patio furniture combines style and comfort with quality that merits a lifetime guarantee! Choose from many natural colors (teak, mahogany, black, white, green and sand) and matching Sunbrella cushions.

Outdoor Dining Sets

Furnish the whole patio for the best price! Our outdoor dining sets are perfect for the home, office, and more!

Some of our best-selling outdoor dining sets are:

Shop the entire collection of outdoor dining sets.

Why Recycled Plastic Instead of Wood?

When customers asked us to start carrying outdoor furniture naturally we searched for a real wood product. However, while there are weather resistant species such as cedar, teak, eucalyptus and redwood that make fine outdoor furniture, we still worried about the longevity of the furniture, maintenance, and the environmental impact.

Forest conservation is at the heart of our mission at Vermont Woods Studios and is a key factor in our decision making process. While researching high end outdoor wood furniture we discovered recycled plastic lumber (RPL) made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Also known as Poly-Wood, it looks like real wood & has the heavy weight of real wood plus it’s durable, versatile and environmentally friendly. Instead of using woods that are illegally harvested from sensitive rainforest areas, Polywood draws it's raw material from the waste stream. We like that.