American Made Furniture

Find high quality American Made Furniturefor your bedroom, dining room, living room and home office. Skillfully crafted by Vermont's fine furniture makers, our handmade wood furniture is made to order just for you and built for generations of use. Customize it online, by phone or in our showroom and get exactly what you want. 100% Made in America from sustainably harvested American woods, our fine wood furniture is designed to fit your home, your dream and your budget. And your Vermont made furniture is guaranteed for a lifetime! Learn about the craftspeople who build it and the Top Ten Reasons to buy high quality handmade furniture from Vermont Woods Studios.

Why Buy American Made?

American made furniture is superior in terms of quality as well as health and safety considerations. You'll be supporting sustainable communities and helping to provide American jobs. Over the last 40 years, tens of thousands of jobs for highly skilled furniture makers have been moved overseas, as so called "American furniture companies" have moved their manufacturing operations to China, Vietnam, Honduras and other third world countries. Globalization has enabled the "lowest price" to trump all other facets of furniture shopping, including quality. Think about it. In China labor costs are about 20 cents/hour with little or no health care cost added to that. There are few if any safety or environmental regulatory costs. Companies save in labor costs and often obtain their lumber illegally from large tracts of rainforests that poor countries can’t afford to safeguard or monitor. The costs of imported furniture are mainly shipping, warehousing and marketing-- nothing to do with craftsmanship or quality. Learn more about the importance of buying American made furniture here.

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