Will My Furniture Fit?

Will My Furniture Fit? | Custom Dining Tables | Vermont Woods Studios Our Contemporary Craftsman Dining Table comes in many standard sizes and it can be easily customized to fit perfectly into any space. Question is: what size table is right for your space?

Matching Your Furniture to Your Space

Will my furniture fit into my space? Will the delivery crew be able to carry my new armoire up the stairs to my 6th story loft? These are questions you'll need to answer PRIOR to purchasing. This is a case where the old "measure twice" adage will save you time & money.
Armoires | Will My Furniture Fit | Delivery & Set-up | Tips & Advice Armoires are beautiful when it comes to storing clothes, but completely unforgiving when you're trying to navigate them around corners, through hallways and up stair cases into your bedroom. Check out how one customer measured for her armoire delivery below.

Creating Furniture Footprints

You can use an online room planner to help you visualize your new furniture in your home. But digital simulations aren't for everybody. There's something about physically mapping out your furniture on your own floor in your own room. You can even leave the map there for a few days to give you time to adjust and find the perfect layout.
Will My Table & Chairs Fit | Measuring Space for New Furniture | Vermont Woods Studios I used painters tape to layout a map for a small dining table & chairs. You can use whatever's handy... newspaper, string, etc.

Finding Your Furniture Dimensions

Will My Furniture Fit | Cherry Beds | Vermont Woods Studios If you're buying furniture online, you can usually find the dimensions on a tab near the photo of each piece. Reputable fine furniture websites will have a high level of detail available for you. If you don't see all the measurements you need, give the store a call. Dimensions for the above Cherry Moon Bed can be found here.

Sizing Your Table to Accommodate Your Chairs

Will My Furniture Fit | Classic Shaker Dining Table | Vermont Woods Studios Our Classic Shaker Dining Table comes in over 25 different sizes (extendable & fixed tops) and is customizable to any size you might need. When buying dining tables online, you'll need to find out how many chairs are appropriate for your table size. Look near the product photo for a tab with this information & give the store a call if you need advice.

Delivery & Installation Tips

Will My Furniture Fit? | Armoire | Delivery Planning | Vermont Woods Studios Sometimes matching your furniture size to your space is the easy part. It's getting pieces installed into your home that's hard. Don't forget to measure your pathway for furniture delivery. Pay special attention to measurements around corners, through doors and up stairways. This customer went above & beyond to make sure her armoire would fit! We're giving her the Ultimate Delivery Planner award.

Send Us Your Furniture Sizing & Delivery Questions

Will my furniture fit? Give us a call, email us or connect on Facebook to ask your furniture sizing and delivery questions.

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