Vermont Style Home Decor

Vermont Style Home Decor | Hubbardton Forge Lamps Hubbardton Forge lamps are lighting up our showroom. When you put them together with Vermont made furniture it starts to add up to a unique Vermont style of home decor. The floor lamp on the left is the Almost Infinity, and the one on the right is the Metra Quad Table Lamp.

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Vermont Style Furniture & Hubbardton Forge Lamps

Vermont Style | The Hubbardton Forge Fullered Impressions Table Lamp The Hubbardton Forge Fullered Impressions Table Lamp is paired here with our Natural Vermont Spindle Bed and a Bow Front night stand.
They're a pretty natural combination, don't you think? We showcase the best of Vermont's handmade home decor at Stonehurst, our fine furniture showroom. One of our customers' favorite combinations Vermont's handcrafted wooden furniture and Hubbardton Forge's hand-forged lamps. So we just added dozens more Hubbardton Forge table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers to the home decor section of our website. Here are some of the most popular lamps that customers are pairing with Vermont made furniture:

Floor Lamps

Hubbardton Forge floor lamps

Table Lamps

Hubbardton Forge Table Lamps


Chandeliers by Hubbardton Forge

Have a look at additional Vermont made furniture and Hubbardton Forge lighting combinations on our website and tell us which ones you like best on Facebook.
Next up: adding Simon Pearce glassware into the Vermont style home.

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