Top 10 Walnut Bed Frames

Top 10 Walnut Bed Frames

Walnut wood is known for its strength and beautiful color, which is rich and adds depth to any space in your home. This material is particularly appealing in the bedroom, as it adds a sense of warmth and sophistication.

For anyone looking for a handcrafted, sustainably-sourced walnut bed frame that’s both beautiful and durable, the team at Vermont Woods Studios wanted to highlight the 10 bed frames below, favorites of our team members and customers alike. Let’s dive in:

1. Linn Walnut Platform Bed

Linn Walnut Platform Bed

Bring retro charm and eco-conscious design to your bedroom with the Linn Walnut Platform Bed. Crafted with precision by the skilled artisans at Copeland Furniture, the bed is crafted from upcycled natural American black walnut wood, an approach that minimizes wasted material during the manufacturing process and results in a one-of-a-kind pattern.

2. Sloane Floating Bed

Sloane Floating Bed

For those looking to move away from the box spring while experiencing next-level comfort, try the Sloane Floating Bed. Designed by Copeland, the bed is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and solid construction, seen in its “floating” design that makes it appear to be suspended in mid-air.

3. Catalina Walnut Platform Bed

Catalina Walnut Platform Bed

The Catalina Platform Bed offers a blend of mid-century inspiration and contemporary minimalist design. With its clean lines and sleek, low profile, it's designed to be the centerpiece of any modern bedroom.

4. Mansfield Walnut Platform Bed

Mansfield Walnut Platform Bed

Named for Vermont’s highest peak, the Mansfield Walnut Platform Bed will take your space to new heights… of comfort, that is. The bed, designed by Copeland Furniture, revitalizes the timeless appeal of the Arts & Crafts style movement.

5. Astrid Walnut Platform Bed

Astrid Walnut Platform Bed

The Astrid Walnut Platform Bed by Copeland features dramatic, modern-contemporary design with its futuristic splayed legs and minimalist silhouette.

6. Moduluxe Storage Bed with Clapboard Headboard

Moduluxe Storage Bed with Clapboard Headboard

Those who live in small spaces or appreciate multifunctional pieces will love the Moduluxe Storage Bed, a highly versatile piece that integrates seamless storage into its structure.

7. Mansfield Walnut Storage Bed

Mansfield Walnut Storage Bed

The Mansfield Walnut Storage Bed takes the shape of the Mansfield Walnut Platform bed and includes two incredibly versatile storage drawers into its base.

8. Cherry Moon Bed

Cherry Moon Bed

A favorite here at Vermont Woods Studios, the Cherry Moon bed embraces simple design, but adds a twist: arches in both the headboard and footboard.

9. Larssen Bed

Larssen Bed

The Larssen Bed features mid-century design, geometric lines, and precision angles that create a unique look.

10. Classic Wood Bed

Classic Wood Bed

For those who appreciate classic design, you can’t go wrong with our Classic Wood Bed in Walnut. Its clean, simple design constructed from solid wood gives us a log cabin feel.

Learn more about Walnut Wood on our blog, or shop our full collection of handcrafted, sustainably-sourced bed frames and bedroom sets.

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