A Visit to Simon Pearce Glassware

Simon Pearce | Handblown Glassware | Made in Vermont
Luxury home decor aficionados: do you long for days past when real, honest, human craftsmanship was the means of producing quality, long lasting goods for your home? Are you tired of disposable everything and looking to add authenticity and character to your home-- a few things with substance that are designed to be enjoyed forever? Well Vermont has a treat for you. Four of America's top luxury home decor brands are headquartered in the middle of the Green Mountain state-- all within a comfortable driving distance of each other. I made the tour myself last week, while preparing our Stonehurst gallery to begin carrying a selection of items from each company. Here is what I found at my first stop, Simon Pearce.

Simon Pearce Glassware

With the rich history of Irish glass blower Simon Pearce behind it, this company leads the way in high end, hand blown glass and table ware. Headquartered in Windsor Vermont, Simon Pearce creates glass and ceramic "products that are beautifully designed, produced with premium quality materials and time-honored techniques and intended for a lifetime of everyday use".
Simon Pearce | Glass Blower | Watch it Being Made in Windsor and Quechee Vermont Simon Pearce high quality glass bowls, goblets and vases are hand blown by skilled artisans and designed to last a lifetime. I took this picture in Windsor, VT but you can also see glassblowing (and pottery making) at their beautiful facility in Quechee, VT.

Simon Pearce Pottery

Simon Pearce Pottery and Stoneware The Simon Pearce pottery and stoneware collection includes table lamps, vases, pitchers, dinnerware and gifts. Watch it being made in Windsor and/or Quechee, VT.
Learn more about Simon Pearce, his story and products on his website. Or better yet, come up to Vermont for a visit! You can use Stonehurst, our fine furniture, home decor and art gallery as a launchpad to Simon Pearce and the rest of Vermont's luxury home decor companies.
Restaurant at Simon Pearce It takes a ton of energy to make glass so Simon Pearce located his facility on a falls and installed hydro power. Be sure to call for reservations if you'd like to dine at that beautiful restaurant that juts out over the falls. Both food and view are spectacular.
The other three luxury home decor brands I'm thinking of? Stay tuned, there's more to come but you'll find hints on Kelsey's new Vermont luxury Pinterest board. Let us know on our Facebook, about any other brands you'd like to learn more about.
This blog is written by your friends at Vermont Woods Studios. Check out our Vermont made furniture and home decor online and visit our showroom and art gallery at Stonehurst, a 200 year old farmhouse nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains.

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