Endless Opportunities With Shaker Style Furniture

shaker style furniture Our Modern Shaker Low Footboard Bed and case goods in natural cherry wood.

With hundreds of Shaker style furniture pieces, Vermont Woods Studios is your shaker furniture destination.

If you got to know me, I think you’d quickly figure out I’m one of the most indecisive people out there. Even the simplest of choices I over-ponder and then doubt once I’ve made up my mind. I’m talking everything from which dessert after dinner to which jacket to wear to the direction I want my bed facing. And, while this trait is known to be a burden and if not handled properly certainly can cause headaches for yourself and loved ones, it can be helpful with home decor and furnishings. shaker style furniture Our American Shaker Large Sideboard and our Modern Shaker #1 Dining Chair in natural cherry wood. I like to think that it leaves you never satisfied and people who are never satisfied are always looking for what needs to be changed. If you apply that to home decor and furnishings that means you’re always building on your creativity and your home’s atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to experiment either! And while Pinterest is great, we’ve all experienced a #PinterestFail, so I’d recommend visiting Houzz or Apartment Therapy for helpful how-to's from industry experts and advice from regular folks. shaker style furniture Houzz is a great resource for home building and home decor advice from experts and people who've been in your shoes. See something you like? Houzz allows you to shop the looks you like. I’d also like to consider myself and Vermont Woods Studios a resource for you. We are trained to be experts in solid wood furniture. That means we can help with recommendations and furniture care. We’ve spoken with customers all over the country and regularly submerge ourselves in industry trends and styles. In this post though, I’d like to focus on one type of furniture we sell: Shaker style furniture. shaker style furniture Our Modern Shaker Campaign Desk and Modern Shaker Glass Door Bookcase in natural walnut wood. And our Modern Shaker 3-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet If you’re interested in modern and/or contemporary furniture I don’t want you to stop reading here, because we even have something for you! Available in cherry, maple, oak or walnut wood, we have Shaker style furniture for every room in your house and every variation from modern to traditional, Vermont, American and New England and even our own unique Renfrew Shaker style furniture. shaker style furniture Our Small Classic Shaker Dinette Set in natural cherry wood. One of my favorite things about Shaker style furniture is that its simplicity lets you use it to build your own story. It won’t fight for the center of attention in your home, it’ll always be there, reliable and outlast all of your “brilliant” DIY ideas. Its high quality and craftsmanship will speak for itself. You’ll see it in the construction and design of your furniture, you’ll feel it in the smoothness of its finish and you’ll rest easy knowing it’s one of easiest decisions you’ve made and stuck with! shaker style furniture Our Classic Wood Bed and our New England Shaker Nightstand with 3-Drawers in natural cherry wood. Now you just have to decide which piece(s) and wood type is right for you! Pick a set or be daring and mix and match. And fear not my indecisive friends, the sales team here at Vermont Woods Studios is ready to help at (888) 390-5571 or let me know what your question is in the comments! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Houzz, Instagram and Pinterest for furniture and style updates or subscribe to our newsletter to have the latest deals delivered right to your inbox. P.S. For the rest of the month of October, our entire catalog of Shaker style furniture is on sale up to 20% off retail price.

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