6 Unique Solid Wood Shaker Bedroom Collections

shaker bedroom Our Vermont Shaker Bed, nightstand and Chest

Simply Shaker Doesn't Mean Shaker Furniture is Always the Same

If you frequent our blog, you’re probably an expert in Shaker Furniture. One thing I’ve noticed about shaker style furniture is how easily stereotyped it is. I’ve come to notice when people think of the Shaker style, they think of plain and simple furniture.
But, Vermont handcrafted Shaker style furniture is anything but plain and antique.

The Shaker style furniture you’ll see here at Vermont Woods Studios stands out. The craftsmen we partner with select the most beautiful pieces of natural wood to bring your furniture to life.
While the designs of Shaker style furniture may be sleek and simple, the wood used in the furniture speaks louder than any ornate design.
To showcase and celebrate the beauty of Shaker style furniture, I’m listing six different Shaker Bedroom Collections we carry.

Modern Shaker Bedroom Furniture

shaker bedroom
Featured here is our Modern Shaker Low Footboard Bed, Modern Shaker Nightstand and Modern Shaker 5-Drawer Chest. Paired with rich gold Anichini linens, this shaker bedroom furniture is fit for a penthouse apartment in the city or a quaint countryside escape. With subtle design choices, like slightly arched aprons and an extra slat on the case goods, this collection can transform any space.
Shop the Modern Shaker collection.

Vermont Shaker Bedroom Furniture

shaker bedroom
Quintessentially Vermont, our Vermont Shaker Moon Bed, Vermont Shaker 1-Drawer Nightstand and Vermont Shaker Extra Wide Chest are strong and sturdy while simultaneously elegant. Featuring subtly tapered legs and smooth arches, this collection is perfect for a city brownstone or a Vermont weekend ski home. Made with exceptional craftsmanship, this furniture is built to last.
Shop the Vermont Shaker collection.

American Shaker Bedroom Furniture

shaker bedroom
Simple and elegant, our American Shaker Panel Bed is probably one of our most iconic designed beds. With matching case goods, this collection combines Vermont ingenuity with elegantly tapered legs and subtly curved bases. Made in Vermont by skilled craftspeople, the details in this collection showcase the mastered skills of Vermont woodworkers.
Shop the American Shaker collection.

New England Shaker Bedroom Furniture

shaker bedroom
Sometimes your furniture is the centerpiece of your room and it’s meant to be. Other times, you want your furniture to blend into your space, so the room speaks to you as a whole. The Classic Wood Bed, part of our New England Shaker Bedroom Collection, can do both of those things. With matching case goods you can leave you walls white, with a little artwork and this furniture will speak volumes, or dress up your bedding, lighting and artwork and this furniture collection will sit dutifully in the background to make your space cohesive.
Shop the New England Shaker collection.

Roz Renfrew Shaker Bedroom Furniture

shaker bedroom
With subtle flair, our Roz Renfrew Shaker Bedroom Collection enhances the simplicity of traditional Shaker style furniture. The Raised Panel Carriage Bed combines two iconic designs, Shaker and Carriage Bed. With a slightly angled headboard and scroll-like footboard, this collection is regal. The case goods have straight lined engravings in their legs and raised drawer fronts this collection, paired with Anichini linens, will make you feel like a king or queen.
Shop the Roz Renfrew Shaker collection.

Sarah Shaker Bedroom Furniture by Copeland Furniture

shaker bedroom
The Sarah Shaker Bedroom Collection combines the best of both worlds for indecisive people and people who love wood furniture. Combining both maple and cherry wood to create a sleek bed and case goods, Copeland Furniture has mastered turning traditional design into a modern marvel.
These are just a few examples of how diverse shaker style furniture can be. It can be traditional and modern at the same time. It can be sleek and minimalist or have a defined design and sense of regality. Shaker furniture allows you to make your space your own!
Let me know which collection is your favorite in the comments section below. If you have any questions about our Shaker style bedroom furniture, give us a call!
And if you’re ready, shop our Shaker Furniture.

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