Outdoor Furniture: Wood or Recycled Plastic?

Outdoor Furniture:  Wood or Recycled Plastic?

Why Recycled Plastic Instead of Wood?

When customers asked us to start carrying outdoor furniture naturally we searched for a real wood product. However, while there are weather resistant species such as cedar, teak, eucalyptus and redwood that make fine outdoor furniture, we still worried about the longevity of the furniture, maintenance, and the environmental impact. While researching high end outdoor wood furniture we discovered recycled plastic lumber (RPL) made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Also known as Poly-Wood, it looks like real wood & has the heavy weight of real wood plus it's durable, versatile and environmentally friendly.

Recycled Plastic is More Eco Friendly

Forest conservation is at the heart of our mission at Vermont Woods Studios and is a key factor in our decision making process. If we're going to sell something made of wood, we want that product to last at least as long as the source tree took to grow. We couldn't find wooden outdoor furniture that met this criteria. Polywood, however is furniture we can guarantee for a lifetime.

Outdoor Chaise Lounge | Wood or Recycled Plastic

Polywood Chaises are heavy and sturdy like real wood furniture. Each of these South Beach Chaise Lounges weighs 53 pounds!

White, Black, Blue + Many Colors & NO Painting or Scraping

If you want colors, you'll have to paint wood furniture and re-paint it over the years. But with Poly-Wood the color is evenly mixed throughout the RPL boards so when scratches occur, they rarely show. No painting, oiling or maintenance is required other than simply washing with water. Poly-Wood tolerates harsh weather such as rain, snow, ice, and salt water and unlike wood it's insect, mold & mildew-proof.

Colorful Blue Adirondack Chairs | Recycled Plastic Polywood POLYWOOD outdoor furniture comes in many different colors and styles. In addition to the Pacific blue and Aruba colors shown, these Adirondack chairs are available in slate grey, blue, teak, tangerine, red, sand, mahogany, lime, lemon yellow, green, black and white.

RPL UpCycles Plastic Waste

I have to confess, the biggest reason we chose this recycled plastic outdoor furniture is the environmental aspect. We are a company that works to raise awareness about where your furniture comes from. So how cool is it that with POLYWOOD our customers are not just helping to save trees in the rainforest, they're also taking waste out of the waste stream and keeping it out of our landfills?

Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture for Patio, Porch and Pool Deck

Athletes are taught to visualize great performances and theoretically their thoughts will come true. So I'm thinking summer and seeing myself lounging in this comfy Polywood deep seating outdoor furniture, wine cooler in hand. Think that will hurry warm weather along?

American Made & Customizable

I love the quality and style of POLYWOOD furniture and the fact that it's American made. Check out the Club Deep Seating Outdoor Furniture pictured above. Can you picture yourself relaxing on them this summer? They can be customized online in white, black, green, teak, sand or mahogany recycled plastic "POLYWOOD". Cushions can be chosen from a selection of 14 different Sunbrella outdoor fabrics.

All Weather Furniture

Deep seating furniture is typically selected for a covered outdoor space but if you're looking for all weather furniture to place on an open patio, deck or poolside, maybe have a look at POLYWOOD's new Captain's Collection.

Signature Captain Chair Bistro Set | High End Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture by Polywood

POLYWOOD's high end Captain's Collection includes their Signature Bistro Set along with dining tables and chairs for round, square and rectangular seating.

Help Us Recycle 1 Million Pounds of Ocean-bound Plastic Waste in 2020

Polywood has committed to recycling 1 million pounds of ocean-bound plastic by 2021. For each chair made, 1,000 single-use plastic containers will be saved from the ocean.

Shop Polywood Today

There are hundreds of outdoor furniture pieces on our website to get you thinking about lounging around or entertaining outdoors this summer. Have a look and let us know which ones you like best on our Facebook.

Looking for recycled furniture for inside your home? Check out this excellent Recycled, Upcycled, and Sustainable Furniture article on Porch.

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