Work Hard, Play Harder, Relax Often

home-office-living-room-furniture A close up of our Cherry Moon Home Office Furniture

There's a popular saying, "You weren't born to just pay bills and die" and we agree.

When I was 20 and studying in the Netherlands, I took a weekend trip to Trapani, Sicily (those were the days) and instantly fell in love with the cobblestone streets lined with the famous stucco houses that Italy is known for. Every window it seemed had a small balcony often filled with planters full of flowers and herbs. The sky seemed bluer and the Mediterranean Sea greeted us like the North Star. Once we settled into our apartment we were renting, my friends and I went to a local market and bought enough fresh vegetables, pasta, garlic and Peroni for a feast.

home-office-living-room-furniture Even the Palm Trees look more relaxed in Sicily
We were “exhausted” from hauling our luggage across the city and then the food up to our fifth floor apartment, so we all took a short nap. When we woke up, we were excited to do a little sightseeing as we weren’t quite ready for dinner. We quickly realized however just how different our schedule was to the Sicilians. We wandered the empty streets and met one closed shop after another...We had adventured out during the traditional riposo time (siesta as we know it).
home-office-living-room-furniture If this was my view everyday, I'd have a hard time getting to work in the first place!
At first this frustrated us, then our grumbling stomachs told us we needed to head back to our apartment to start cooking. Now a few years removed from my jetsetter days, I look back at that trip and think to myself, why don’t we have our own form of siestas here in the U.S.?
home-office-living-room-furniture Couldn't you just imagine waking up everyday, walking out to your balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and just feel instantly at peace?
Stateside we seem to lead hectic lives most days of the year, some of us barely use all our vacation time and most would say they don’t give themselves enough time to relax. Studies show how Americans are the most overworked industrialized nation. One thing the reports imply and my time in Europe tells me is that as Americans we’re collectively forgetting to give ourselves some down time each day.
Now I’m not suggesting you leave your job and move to Europe but if we slowed down to relax and recharge for a bit each day, I don’t think our work would suffer. In fact, I think it would make us more productive. Some companies have already gone ahead and added break rooms that have pool tables, arcade games, lounge chairs and refreshments to appease their millennial workforces need for a mental recharge.
But, knowing that most of the people reading this are probably not millennials, I wonder where do you take a break to recharge? I know it’s probably not playing pinball for 20 minutes in-between entering data into Salesforce. Do you relax at home? And if so, where do you envision spending your “in home” down time? Would it be a home office, den or living room? If I have you thinking about it, now would be a great time to let you know about our Home Office & Living Room Sale, where you can save up to 20% off your purchase.
This way, knowing that you’re prone to be at your desk for a prodigious amount of time, you can get your work done in style and comfort with quality made furniture. When you’re done with your work, you can sit back, relax and put your feet up (unless your spouse tells you get them down) on your beautiful, solid wood coffee table. While you’re relaxing, you can sip your drink of choice and rest it on one of our finely crafted end tables.
home-office-living-room-furniture Our French Country Coffee Table and End Table both in Cherry
Our Home Office & Living Room Sale starts Friday, March 4 and goes through Thursday, March 17. During the sale you can save 10% off one piece of furniture, 15% off two pieces and 20% off three or more.
All of our furniture is made right here in Vermont by local craftspeople and is available in Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut woods.
home-office-living-room-furniture Our Classic Shaker Writing Table and Round Back Arm Chair, both in Cherry
So whether you have vacation time to take or not, we have solid wood furniture that you can work comfortably in and enjoy in your few moments of relaxation after the work day ends.Think like the Italians and give yourself a break! Shop conveniently from the comfort of your home (or desk) at our online gallery or make a trip of it and visit our Stonehurst Showroom nestled in the foothills of Vermont’s famous Green Mountains. It’s a perfect place to get away and unwind!
If you have any questions about this sale or any of our furniture, our knowledgeable sales team is always here to help at 888-390-5571.
home office living room furniture
*Sale does not include Copeland, Barnwood, Artisan, POLYWOOD, Clearance, In-Stock or Home Decor items
*Free Shipping on all orders $2,500 or more
*$1,000 minimum order for discount

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