High End Furniture Shopping: How to Invest Wisely

Cherry Moon Huntboard | High End Dining Furniture | Handmade in Vermont Investing in high quality handmade furniture like this Cherry Moon Huntboard will provide your family with years of enjoyment and generations of use.

Quality Fine Furniture is an Investment

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Luxury handmade furniture is an investment so we should treat it like one. Seek the help of a professional and follow the same rules your financial advisor preaches: buy quality & proven performance. Don't chase the latest trend-setter. Focus on the future.
Brandon-Andrews Bedroom Set | Luxury Handmade Furniture | American Made in VT If you can’t find the bedroom set you want locally, shopping online is a fine alternative. Our Brandon-Andrews Bedroom Set is made in Vermont and delivered to homes in all 50 states. Professional white glove service and in-home set up are always provided with our sets.

Where to Buy Top Quality Furniture

Often your best option is to go local. If you can't find exactly what you want or you don't have time to do the legwork, shopping online is a fine alternative. Just make sure you purchase from a company that's a specialist in the type of furniture you're looking for. You wouldn't shop Target for a BMW. Fine furniture is an investment you'll have long after the Lexus has been traded in. Likewise, you'll want to shop with a genuine authority in quality and craftsmanship.
French Country Dining Set | High End Furniture Shopping | Vermont Woods Studios Shopping online for high end furniture requires a leap of faith. Although we're primarily an online retailer, we encourage customers to visit our showroom in Vermont to learn about the craftsmanship imbued in their investment. French Country Dining Set.

Vet Online Furniture Retailers Carefully

There are lots of online furniture stores to choose from. Retail giants are convenient for shopping various home goods. But independent reviews indicate they're not well suited for delivering high end furniture. True premium furniture stores are specialists, not only in craftsmanship but also in handling essential logistics that take place after you click the buy button. Service is personalized to provide an in-depth understanding of design methods, available options and customizations.
High End Furniture Shopping | Cocktail & Occasional Tables | Lifetime Guarantee Fine furniture specialty stores focus on details that generalist superstores cannot adequately address: double checking order specs, communicating potential issues, providing meticulous customer service, ensuring a positive delivery experience and advising on furniture care.

Recognize & Avoid Deceptive Websites

Thousands of deceptive "affiliate websites" exist solely to generate advertising income from online superstores. Often they use automated web scraping software to illegally copy original photos and link shoppers to imitations on goliath websites. Learn to recognize and avoid this type of website. Below are a few examples.
Modern Shaker Nightstand | Made in Vermont | High End Furniture Shopping This is a photo of our Modern Shaker Nightstand made by our partner, Rob Bachand at Vermont Furniture Designs. Scraper websites use our photos to advertise low quality imitations on web-based superstores. This bait & switch practice is pervasive throughout the Internet, making it important to thoroughly vet any online furniture retailer.

Vermont Woods Studios | Specialists in High End Furniture Shopping Affiliate advertising programs have driven an explosion in growth of deceptive scraper websites like this one. Many of these photos of high end, handmade bedroom sets were taken at Vermont Woods Studios and are being used illegally to advertise cheap imitations for online superstores.

Provenance Matters

I love what Eric Asimov writes in the New York Times about food & wine: "Think of wine as food. If you care where your food comes from, how it’s raised, grown or made and about its ethical and health consequences, apply that same logic to wine. You will end up with wine that is grown and made more conscientiously, with greater thought and care. Your wines will be more likely to be expressions of culture."
I feel the same way about furniture. Where it comes from, how it's made and the people who bring it into your home matters. A handcrafted kitchen table is something you'll use daily to break bread with your dearest loved ones. A Vermont made bed provides a sacred place of respite. Purchasing from a reputable company that shares your values enhances the experience you'll enjoy from your fine furniture.
High End Furniture Shopping | Talk to an Expert | Vermont Woods Studios Sean Henry is a fine furniture specialist at Vermont Woods Studios. He works closely with customers throughout the entire process of furniture selection, customization and delivery. He also throws great St Patrick's Day parties.

Find an Expert You Can Talk To

When you're shopping high end furniture online, there are a number of important details you need to know. At our store we specialize in handmade hardwood furniture and although we try to include every detail on our website, most customers wisely give us a call. Often the process of buying premium furniture involves several phone calls, emails or in person visits. This kind of personal communication helps ensure that when your furniture is delivered and set up in your home, it will exceed you expectations. That's our goal for your shopping experience.

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