5 Furniture & Interior Design Trends for 2023

5 Furniture & Interior Design Trends for 2023
We all appreciate the timelessness and longevity of classic design, especially with regards to high-quality pieces that we plan to maintain for years down the line. However, when it comes to how we style our space, it can be fun to include modern touches here and there as an expression of personal style.
According to experts in the design space, here are the top 5 interior design trends for 2023 that you need to know about.

1. Biophilic Designs

Biophilic Design
A term coined in the 1980s by biologist Edward Wilson, biophilic design was quickly adopted by interior designers in an effort to put a name to the idea that when interiors mimic nature, people are happier.
Since then, this idea has been backed up by research stating that being close to natural light, greenery, and other outdoor elements reduces stress and aids productivity by as much as 55%.
So, what is biophilic design, exactly? While the design principle is known for introducing greenery to interiors, it extends to any element of design inspired by nature. In a co-working space in Portugal, for example, designers harnessed the power of biophilic design to create a space filled with houseplants, natural light, and curved lines.
Closer to home, biophilic design can be implemented through the introduction of solid wood furniture and greenery to your home.

2. Sustainability

While we agree that sustainability shouldn’t be trendy, it’s hard not to acknowledge that it’s having its moment in the sun. So, what makes furniture sustainable? There are many factors, but materials, finishes, and the emissions produced during shipping says a lot about a product’s sustainability.
At Vermont Woods Studios, we’ve been showcasing high-quality, Vermont made wood furniture since 2005, and have developed a four-pronged commitment to sustainability, as follows:

  1. Responsibly Sourced Materials
  2. Local Manufacturing & High Quality Products
  3. Forest Preservation & Restoration
  4. Environmental Stewardship at our Headquarters in Vermont

We honor our commitment by ensuring that all of our wood is harvested sustainably and plant tree saplings to replace those we harvest. Each piece of furniture that we sell has been hand-crafted almost always in Vermont– and we back each piece with a lifetime guarantee.

3. 1970's Influences

Mid Century Modern Furniture
The 1970’s was marked by retro design, bold color, and striking patterns. Love it or hate it, designers forecast that 70’s-inspired style will continue to influence interior design trends in 2023.
The good thing about styles from a certain era coming back into fashion is that pieces of furniture and home decor can easily be repurposed, or even updated, for use in the home today. However, for those looking to shop new, platform beds, walnut dining tables, pendant lights, or a solid wood nightstand bring elements of the 70’s to the present.

4. Multi-Purpose Spaces & Pieces

At the start of the pandemic, it was common to see offices in unusual spaces throughout the home. Guest rooms, dining rooms, outdoor spaces, and more suddenly became offices as well.
While the need for the home office has certainly declined, intentional multipurpose spaces have not.
Multipurpose spaces are showing up in the form of home exercise spaces that can be easily stowed away to entertain, co-working spaces that become dining rooms, and play rooms that transition into guest bedrooms. To make the transition of your space easy, we advise choosing versatile, do-it-all pieces with plenty of storage for your home.

5. Neutral Colors & Materials

Neutral colors
Although neutrals have– and always will be– in style, there’s been more of an emphasis on neutral styling in recent years. With their calming presence and ability to match just about everything, it’s easy to see why.
Incorporate neutrals into your space using light paint colors and furniture made from natural, sustainable materials, and don’t be afraid to pair neutrals together.
Ready to find the bedroom or dining set of your dreams? Browse online or connect with our sales team for assistance. Not quite ready to buy? Read more about different styles of furniture.

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