Copeland Exeter Collection: Newest in Dining Furniture

exeter collection

Exeter Collection: Out with the old and in with the newest in dining furniture.

Who says a table has to have four straight legs? We don’t. And, we’re happy the craftspeople behind Copeland Furniture agree. Our idea of table design is really put to the test with the new Copeland Exeter Collection.

The Exeter Walnut Extension Dining Table, with an impressive mixture of isometric engineering and modern design takes center stage. Having the look almost of a spider this table will definitely be a great conversation starter with any of your guests. The legs give the table a weightless appearance and unique feel, unlike any other table. It’s handcrafted in solid, natural walnut wood and is available with one or two leaves.
exeter collection
Pair this table with Estelle Walnut Chairs, now available in arm chairs, or with our Copeland Kyoto Walnut Dining Chairs to complete the look.
exeter collection Estelle Walnut Dining Arm Chair
Along with the Exeter Walnut Extension Dining Table, we’re happy to introduce you to the Exeter Walnut Buffet. Using the same balance of isometric engineering and modern style this buffet looks as if it’s balanced precariously on two small points. It’s constructed using the same black walnut Copeland is known for. This buffet will look great in any room but will flawlessly complement the rest of the Exeter Collection.
Have any questions about this new collection? Let us know in the comments, send us an inquiry or give our friendly and knowledgeable sales team a call. Even better, if you’re passing through Vermont, stop into our historic Stonehurst Showroom to talk furniture and take in the views of our 109 acre property in the beautiful Green Mountains.

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