7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Vermont

Earth Day in Vermont | Planting Milkweed for Monarchs | Vermont Woods Studios Last year we celebrated Earth Day by planting milkweed for monarchs behind our showroom. This year we're going to expand our pollinator gardens. Visit Stonehurst this Spring and join the fun!

Take a Hike

Stonehurst Furniture & Home Decor Showroom | On 100 acres of Sustainable Forest Stop by Stonehurst for a hike on Earth Day. Our home decor showroom is located on 100 acres of sustainably managed woodlands in Southeastern Vermont.
Earth Day celebrations started in 1970 in an effort to promote sustainability & fight climate change. Everyone can join in and have fun helping to protect our planet for future generations. If you live in Vermont (or even if you don't) and you're looking for some Earth Day action, here are a few more ideas.

Plant Trees

Vermont Woods Studios was founded on a mission of forest conservation. Why do we love trees? Trees provide habitat, food, energy, and oxygen for everyone on earth. They filter the air of pollutants including carbon dioxide, thus fighting global warming and climate change. Trees reduce soil erosion and water pollution. They provide shade and buffer us from storms. Trees are beautiful to look at. Being around them reduces stress and even helps hospital patients heal faster! Plus... we need trees to continue making the beautiful, handcrafted wooden furniture that Vermont is so famous for.
Earth Day 2016 - Trees for Monarchs If you're not up to planting your own trees, consider donating to Forests for Monarchs. They'll plant 2 trees for every dollar you donate. I volunteer as Vice President of this amazing non-profit organization. We plant trees to restore monarch butterfly habitat in Mexico.

Watch a Free Wildlife Movie at the Latchis

Watch "Vanishing Kings: Desert Lions from the Namib" at the Latchis theater in Brattleboro on Earth Day. If you have a passion for wildlife, especially big cats, you will absolutely love this event.

Visit the Nature Museum in Grafton

To celebrate Earth Day Grafton's Nature Museum is offering 5 days of interactive environmental programs for the whole family over spring break! Each day educators will lead guests through a new nature adventure. Programs include “Eagles, Hawks, & Owls: Predators of the Sky,” “Amphibians on the Move,” and “Boom! Flash! Recipes for Thunderstorms.”

Check Out Poultney's Earth Fair

The 8th Annual Poultney Earth Fair, hosted by Poultney High School is free and open to the public. There will be over 70 displays and exhibits to engage yous in topics and discussion of sustainability

Go Outside and Celebrate

If all else fails you can still go outside, take a deep breath and look around at all the wonders of nature on April 22 (and every day).

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