Using Reviews to Find the Best Furniture Stores

Find the Best Furniture Stores | How to Evaluate Online Reviews | Bedrooms

Assessing Fine Furniture Stores using Online Reviews

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If you're shopping for fine furniture, you know the importance of due diligence, especially if you're purchasing online. Today we share tips and advice on using consumer reviews to find the best furniture stores for your needs.

Use Multiple Online Review Sites to Find the Best Furniture Stores

You'll find hundreds of consumer review sites. The question is: which ones are credible and trustworthy? The USA Federal Trade Commission FTC stresses the need to read reviews and be skeptical when shopping online. Even the most "independent" review sites can be contaminated with conflicts of interest so check several different sources. Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trust Pilot and Site Jabber are among the most popular online furniture review sites.

Find the Best Furniture Stores | How to Evaluate Online Reviews | Dining Rooms

Recognize Bias

The FTC has sued companies that posted “fake” reviews but most phony opinions fly under the radar. For example the reviewer may be:
  • receiving a free product
  • a paid reviewer
  • a competitor of the seller
  • an employee or affiliate of the seller
  • a robot
How to Find the Best Furniture Stores | Online Reviews | Fine Furniture Be skeptical. Only 2 of these 6 furniture reviews (posted on the seller's website) are from verified buyers. The majority of reviewers "received free product or an incentive for reviewing" or are "a member of the Wayfair team".

Find the Best Furniture Stores | How to Evaluate Online Reviews | Beds

Compare Ratings on Several Review Sites

Below are 3 reviews of the same online furniture superstore. Follow the links to the review sites to see the ratings and comments consumers have submitted. Results are:

Full disclosure - this seller is obviously a competitor of mine. I apologize for citing them but I had to use someone for an example and they seem big and strong enough to be unaffected by my post. To their credit, they're certainly better than some online furniture stores, notably this one.

Find the Best Furniture Stores | How to Evaluate Online Reviews | Dining Furniture

Reputation Management is Big Business

Reputation Management is estimated to be a $5 Billion industry within 2 years. Forbes describes this sector: "Part PR gurus, part tech experts, they specialize in providing online makeovers—often by burying negative search results and promoting content that accentuates a client’s desired image." Hundreds of companies like Hide Bad Reviews have sprung up recently. Need I say more?

Be Skeptical

Online reviews have a major trust problem. Furniture superstores have entire divisions focusing on reputation management. Although it's wise to check out online reviews, be skeptical. Read the seller's responses to both compliments and complaints. Your best furniture stores are likely to be small, specialty companies which you can assess yourself over the phone or in person. Don't rely solely on review sites. Instead give the store a call to discuss details and get advice. Avoid stores that focus on gaming the online review system. Find a company that's renowned for design, quality and a superior delivery experience. They are alive & well and living in the USA.


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