Who We Support

Vermont Woods Studios is committed to giving back to our community, both local and global. We support many non-profit organizations dedicated to bettering our world through forest conservation. We believe that it is essential for businesses like ours to allocate a portion of profits to support non-profit organizations that make a positive change around the world. Below are some of the organizations we've contributed to.

Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center

BEEC is a local, environmental education non-profit that leads important community-based environmental research and conservation programs including watershed stewardship, reptile and amphibian conservation initiatives, and biodiversity planning and protection initiatives.

Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center

Vermont Center for Ecostudies

VCE is a conservation research non-profit that, among many other things, works to conserve Vermont's migrating bird populations. We feel especially connected to their mission because we are both working to preserve the rainforest, which is the wintering habitat for many of Vermont's birds, including the Bicknell Thrush.

Vermont Center for Ecostudies (VCE)

World Wildlife Fund

Peggy has been a WWF member for decades and has followed the plight of the rainforest through their efforts to save endangered species. The conservation strategies brought to light by WWF over the years greatly influenced the creation of Vermont Woods Studios.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

The Nature Conservancy

Vermont Woods Studios was founded to help protect endangered trees and forests around the world. Through The Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees Project, we plant a tree for each order we take. This project is working to bring the Atlantic forest back from the brink and restore 1 million acres of rainforest. We enthusiastically support it! We know a small company in Vermont can't save the rainforest but we can save a few trees. In fact we figure we've kept about 2500 rare rainforest trees out of the furniture market through the sale of our sustainable furniture.

The Nature Conservancy

  • Sustainable Furniture Council
    Sustainable Furniture Council
  • Vermont Institute of Natural Science
    Vermont Institute of Natural Science
  • Northeast Wilderness Trust
    Northeast Wilderness Trust
  • Rainforest Alliance
    Rainforest Alliance
  • Vermont Family Forests
    Vermont Family Forests
  • Groundworks Collaborative
    Groundworks Collaborative
  • Brattleboro Rotary
    Brattleboro Rotary
  • Boys and Girls Club
    Boys and Girls Club
  • Vermont Council on Rural Development
    Vermont Council on Rural Development
  • Windham County Humane Society
    Windham County Humane Society
  • Brattleboro Reformer Christmas Stocking
    Brattleboro Reformer Christmas Stocking
  • Project Feed the Thousands
    Project Feed the Thousands
  • Child Fund International
    Child Fund International
  • Vermont Foodbank
    Vermont Foodbank
  • Women's Freedom Center
    Women's Freedom Center
  • Heifer
    Heifer International