Construction Details: Axis Collection

Copeland Harbor Island Furniture


Copeland Axis is available in solid Ash hardwood with your choice of three wood stains: Soaped Ash, Weathered Ash, Seared Ash, Taupe Ash and Sand Ash.

You can learn more about the woods we use here.

  • Soaped Ash

    Soaped Ash

  • Weathered Ash

    Weathered Ash

  • Seared Ash

    Seared Ash

  • Taupe Ash

    Taupe Ash

  • Sand Ash

    Sand Ash

The Copeland Furniture Finish

Our standard top coat is a pre-catalyzed lacquer. The "pre" refers to the fact that the acidic catalyst is added by the finish manufacture, as opposed to post-catalyzed lacquers where the components are combined at the time of spraying. Copeland's finishes are Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) rated - meaning they are made to withstand the type of heat, grease and spills typically found in a kitchen setting. This durability is a significant advantage over the industry's standard conventional lacquers. Also noteworthy is the matte, satin look and feel of our finish which contrasts favorably with the heavy build-up and high gloss of conventional finishes.


All pieces are finished with a catalyzed lacquer/varnish finish that resists stains, moisture rings and spots, heat damage (from hot beverages, etc.), and abrasions. Finishes are formulated to meet Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) standards and provides lasting protection. Standard finish is GREENGUARD Certified: We use a catalyzed sealer and top coat that is GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions as the default finish option on all of our products. GREENGUARD certification is a testing program of UL (Underwriters Laboratory) focusing on the issue of indoor air quality. Further information about GREENGUARD certification, can be found at:

Case Sides

Solid Side construction means that the main vertical structural members are the 3/4" solid wood side panels. Axis Dining Room case pieces are visually and structurally enhanced by dovetailed drawer dividers that lock the sides into position, preventing the panels from separating. This simple but versatile form of construction can accept any number of decorative elements allowing a wide array of design expressions.

Case Legs

Axis Case Legs

Axis legs are splayed at an angle of 45 degrees.