How to Buy Furniture Online with Paypal

When we started Vermont Woods Studios in 2005, buying furniture online was pretty uncommon. Just a decade earlier the idea would have seemed preposterous. Nowadays, partly in thanks to Paypal, buying furniture online is simple, safe, and secure.

Paypal started in 1998 with a vision that they could enable safe, secure, and convenient payments over the internet to facilitate the barrage of commerce that was bound to spring up over the next several decades.

But as the age of ecommerce has matured, the idea of buying furniture online has become more and more accepted. Most of the furniture you’ll find at Vermont Woods Studios is made-to-order, which means we don’t start building the furniture until you’ve placed your order. As such, we take payment up front.

Why PayPal?

Platforms like PayPal and Venmo enable people to pay one another or pay businesses for goods and services simply, conveniently, and securely. The parties among which the amount is exchanged are not able to see each other’s credit card or bank information. It is similar to an escrow payment, as it exchanges money between two parties as an intermediary.

  • Faster checkout: PayPal stores your billing information in it’s encrypted database, which saves you time at checkout because you won’t have to fill out that information.

  • Furnish Now, Pay Later: If you checkout with Paypal Credit, you could have your new furniture crafted and delivered before paying a cent– all with 0% interest. The lead times on our furniture range anywhere from 2-16 weeks depending on which workshop your furniture is coming from. Paypal’s Bill Me Later allows you to carry a balance for up to 6 months with 0% interest. It’s a win-win! This means that you can have your beautiful, handcrafted wood furniture delivered, set up, and ready to be enjoyed for a lifetime before you have to put down a single penny.

  • Safe and Secure: Though no system is completely immune to foul play, PayPal takes customer security and privacy very seriously. PayPal maintains all customer information in an encrypted form. These attributes make it one of the most convenient and safe online payment platforms. 

Step 1: Browse the Catalog

Browse our expansive collection of handcrafted, solid wood furniture.

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Step 2: Customize Your Furniture

Once you have selected the piece you want, you can customize things like the hardwood, bed size, underbed storage options, and more. When everything looks good, click “Add to Cart”. When you’re all done shopping, click on the cart icon in the top right corner of your window. It will be highlighted with a number, indicating how many items you’ve added.

Step 3: Add to Cart

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Step 4: Review and Checkout

When selecting payment method during checkout, you can select PayPal as well as credit card, check or money order. When you select PayPal, it will redirect you to PayPal’s website where you can checkout as a guest, create an account, or sign into your existing PayPal account. Once that’s done, PayPal will confirm the shipping and billing information, and you can click “Pay Now.”

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Why Vermont Woods Studios?

Our solid wood furniture is produced right here in the Green Mountain State by craftspeople who have been making wood furniture for an average of over 15 years. All of our craftsmen use eco-friendly wood that is sustainably harvested from local and regional North American forests. No imported, rare or endangered rainforest woods are used in our furniture.

Customers can be proud that their purchase is creating new American jobs, while preserving our forestlands for future generations. As part of our mission, a portion of the profits from our wood furniture is used to conserve forests, plant trees and save endangered species, like the monarch butterfly, from going extinct due to habitat destruction. We even participate in a variety of community outreach activities, aiming to help our local as well as our global community.

When you call us, you’ll talk to a real person who is an expert on Vermont-made, fine wood furniture. We understand the construction strategies and methods used by each of our craftsmen and can provide in-depth answers to your questions about the use of solid woods versus high quality wood veneers and the quality of our low VOC finishes. We can advise you on wood species, shipping options, furniture comparisons, pricing and more. We are dedicated to giving our customers the highest quality and best value on fine wood furniture. We don’t think you’ll find lower prices for the quality, customization and service we offer but, if you do, give us a call.

Finally, we are the only furniture retailer we know of that offers a lifetime guarantee on all of our wood furniture. We are confident that our furniture will last for generations because that’s the way quality Vermont wood furniture has always been crafted and because, at Vermont Woods Studios, each piece of furniture is made to order, specifically for you.

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