Michelle Rooks Brings a Little Drama Into the Woods

Michelle Rooks:  Welcome to the Vermont Woods Studios We are proud to be able to introduce you to Michelle Rooks, our new Customer Service Representative at Vermont Woods Studios. Besides working with our furniture makers to accurately relay and monitor your orders, Michelle is in charge of performing arts education for the office. Unfortunately we missed seeing her act in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and The Sound of Music (above) but soon we'll get to see her in Les Mis and Shrek.

One of the reasons we feel so lucky to be moving in to Stonehurst later this week is that it's located a block away from the house of a local celebrity (yes, famous people do live here in Vernon-- well, famous to us, anyway). Thespian, Michelle Rooks is our new Vermont Woods Studios Customer Service Representative by day. But on weekends, nights and holidays you can often find Michelle "acting out" at Ja'Duke Performing Arts Theater in neighboring Turners Falls, MA.
After her first full week at Vermont Woods Studios, when she was heading home after work on Friday afternoon, Michelle casually mentioned that she was going to perform that night as a French maid in an Alfred Hitchcock thriller called The Rope. She invited us to see the play, but I think she was a bit surprised when Douglas, Liz, Sean, Loryn, Kendall and I all showed up in the front row to cheer her on. We had a great time and can't wait to attend Michelle's next couple plays: Les Miserables and Shrek, the Musical.
Michelle has a BS in Journalism and Advertising with a minor in Animal Science. Her professional background includes expertise in the publishing world encompassing such areas as editing, photo manipulation, desktop publishing and proofreading. Customers will appreciate her eye for detail... as do our furniture makers!
Michelle lives down the street with her husband Chris, two beautiful children and Faith, their lovable rescue dog. She is an active volunteer at her church and at the kids' school. We are fortunate that she's worked us into her very busy schedule! We love her Midwestern sensibilities and wry sense of humor that keep us grounded, even on our craziest days. Welcome aboard, Michelle!

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