Wintry Scenes from Stonehurst

Winter in Vermont | Stonehurst is Warm and Toasty on the Inside
This is for Sally, Pam, Ellen, Annette, Mo and all our friends from the South and West who have escaped this year's good old fashioned Vermont winter. Today's storm took a break this morning just in time for me to snap this photo of the furniture showroom and art gallery we call Stonehurst. It was 5F when I got to work today but warm and toasty inside.
The sleds are ready.  But where are the riders?  Snug and warm with no intention of going outside in the 5F weather today.
Plenty of toboggans and sleds are out on the back porch, ready for action. But where are our young, hearty, adventurous riders? No need for a membership to Outer Limits this winter, Sean. Just bring your boots to work and trade your lunch for a couple good runs down the ski slopes. I'll go too and we'll share the prize for biggest loser in the 2014 weight loss challenge. Any teasing from Liz, Michelle and Loryn will surely cease and desist when we walk in all strong and fit.
The outdoor wood boiler that keeps us warm in the winter
Here's Ken's baby. This Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnace from Temple Plumbing and Heating in Putney keeps us warm and toasty all winter long. A green source of energy, it's fed by wood from around the grounds at Stonehurst. The furnace supplies a radiant heating system under the floorboards throughout the furniture showroom.
Shoes are not required at this furniture showroom
So that's what Stonehurst looks like today. Stop by and see for yourself. Sean has hot chocolate and his own homemade cookies waiting for you. Shoes are not required inside the showroom.

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