I Am Not Wealthy, But When I Buy Something, I Want to Love What I Buy

Candid customer reviews of Vermont made furniture.

Vermont Furniture Reviews

Every couple weeks, Sean sends a survey out to customers who have recently had our Vermont made furniture delivered to their homes. We want to make sure that we've met & hopefully exceeded customer expectations. And of course if we've fallen down on the job in any way, we have to ensure we've made things right with the customer and upgraded our systems so mistakes don't happen again. Surveys also give us a chance to ask our customers what changes they think we should make to better serve their future needs. Occasionally though, we slip in a question that quite honestly, could be seen as a little self-serving... like:

What were the most important factors in your decision to buy from Us?

Quality craftsmanship is always a recurring theme in response to this question. Here are some other specific responses that Sean and I were reading today:
  • "We wanted to support a local business when its price-point was the same as large online retailers. The personal touch was important as well"
  • "Styles available; quality and source of woods; friendly, knowledgeable, helpful sales person (Rebecca)"
  • "The guarantee; that it was made in the U.S.; the pleasant people who responded to our question"
  • "You build with walnut and cherry. Best woods for furniture. I had just finished a walnut table and needed the chairs to be of the same wood. The combination is spectacular!"
  • "Price and having a basic design that you were willing to alter, and having had a sale that covered the cost of the alteration to the design. It was also a help that you're close enough to Boston that I could go arrange the alterations in person - we looked at a several of tables."
  • Then there was this one from Phyllis W:

"I am not a wealthy person, but when I buy something, I want to love what I buy"

To me, that says it all. It's the bottom line and the reason we work so hard to keep this small business in business. We want our customers to love what they buy. To Phyllis and everyone who has invested their valuable time in responding to Sean's customer satisfaction surveys: thank you for helping us to continually improve and further our mission of furnishing a greener world. We hope you love your new furniture!

Read more Vermont furniture reviews on our testimonials page and connect with our customers on Facebook. Also, check out independent reviews on Green People, Site Jabber, Yellow Pages and Yelp.

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Peggy Farabaugh

She is a CEO who brakes for salamanders, has bottle-fed rescued squirrels and spent her vacation building furniture for a rural school in Costa Rica. She believes in the future and in the people who will build it. A former distance-learning professor at Tulane University with a master’s in environmental health & safety, she turned an interest in forest conservation and endangered species into a growing, local business. She delivers rainforest statistics at breakneck speed, but knows how to slow down and appreciate the beauty of a newly finished piece of heirloom furniture.

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