7 of the Best Architects in Vermont

7 of the Best Architects in Vermont
Meet Southern Vermont's favorite interior designer, Priscilla Cotton of Cotton Design in Newfane
We've often written about the rich history of craftsmanship in Vermont, but did you know this small state is also full of great architects, builders, and interior designers? Some of them even build furniture. In fact, there are many more that deserve to make this list.
Here's a list of our favorite Vermont architects:

1. Cotton Design Associates (Newfane, Vermont)

Cotton Design Associates based in Newfane, Vermont
Ok, this one might be a little biased because the Cotton Design team in Newfane, VT is close to our showroom at Stonehurst, but we love their work and vouch for them highly.
Cotton Design is a full service architectural design firm in southeastern Vermont. We design for business, residential and public use. Our design process is highly interactive with a priority on communication. Your involvement and input are central to the project’s success. And when all is settled and agreed upon, our designs are then turned into perfectly accurate technical documents that are given to the builders and contractors. Once again, experience has taught us to be extremely “builder friendly” in our designs and drawings, increasing efficiency exponentially and keeping everyone happy.

2. BirdsEye (Richmond, VT)

Residential home built on Lake Champlain by Birdeye Architects

Established in 1984, Birdseye began its life as a building company focused on creating high quality work. Skilled craftsmen created a building culture rooted in excellence. Over time, what began with woodworking and a strong interest in design evolved to become an employee owned, award-winning architecture and building firm. Through the years, other architects and artisans, interested in the intimate relationship between architecture and the art of building, joined the company and the culture evolved to what it is today.

Birdseye is a unique balance of innovation and tradition. We create beautiful objects and places to the highest standards of design and craftsmanship. Our architects, carpenters, wood workers, metal workers, and machinery operators create lasting works of art.

3. Cushman Design Group (Stowe, VT)

Mountain ski lodge designed by Cushman Architects in Stowe, VT
The Cushman Design Group was also fundamentally founded on the principle of responsible collaboration. Within the design studio, I call this “jazz”. Within the construction world, collaboration empowers the men and women who manifest our buildings, to bring their very best skills, craftsmanship and vigorous thinking to each project. The result of this approach has been the establishment of trusting and enduring relationships with remarkable contractors, artisans and artists.

4. Wiemann Lamphere (Colchester, VT)

Wiemann Lamphere architects in Colchester, Vermont.in
In 1971, James Lamphere joined Richard “Dick” Wiemann in establishing Wiemann Lamphere Architects. The two were successful in building a considerable design practice and becoming leaders in the design community, in and around Vermont.
In 1985, the second generation of partners was established with the offering of a partnership to Gary Lavigne, a native Vermonter who went to the Boston Architectural Center and practiced in the Boston area, as well as Dennis Webster, a graduate of Colgate University who practiced in Ohio.

5. TruexCullins (Burlington, VT)

Lake house designed by Truex Cullins in Burlington, VT
Since 1968, TruexCullins has played a vital role in creating buildings that contribute lasting value to their inhabitants and communities. Our record and reputation testify to our excellence in designing structures — of all functions, sizes, and scale — that integrate harmoniously with their natural and built surroundings. We strive to create beautiful design solutions that are safe, flexible, comfortable, efficient and durable.
Sustainable design is integral in all that we do at TruexCullins. As such, we work closely with our clients to significantly reduce energy consumption within new buildings, additions and renovated structures. Our approach is holistic. Energy consumption cannot be separated from sound building practice and the quality of the built indoor environment. We, therefore, advocate an approach to energy conservation that considers broad environmental design issues.
While we strive to create beautiful works of architecture, we also focus on “less flashy” construction and design issues such as a sound building envelope, effective ventilation and heat recovery strategies, durable building materials, the use of renewable fuels (wind, hydro, biomass), water conservation, proper site placement and building orientation and the effective use of existing space within the renovated buildings.

6. McLeod Kredell Architects (Middlebury, VT)

McLeod Kredell Architects is a studio built around the practice, teaching, and community engagement of architecture. We believe that architecture grows out of its particular place and time–yet at its best it also transcends those limits. In the end, architecture should be inspiring–for the client, the architect, the builder, the passerby.

7. Haynes & Garthwaite Architects (Norwich, VT)

Haynes & Garthwaite Architects in Norwich, VT
Our firm combines wide experience, talent and energy with the specialized skills of our consultants. We work with our clients to achieve their goals in a thorough and timely fashion. We enjoy the process of creating a building and believe that well designed buildings are a positive addition to the community. In our experience, the best projects result from a collaborative approach to problem solving with client, architect and consultants, each bringing an important perspective and creative contribution to the project. The key to the success of this collaboration is communication. We see our role as facilitator, reconciling the demands of program, budget and aesthetics while providing leadership and coordination for the project as a whole. We bring a distinctive approach to your project, combining the experience necessary to inform the process, with a collaborative approach to design and a sensitivity to the natural and architectural context.
What do you think? Did we miss any of the best Vermont Architects?
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