Tristan Fletcher: Welcome to The Woods

douglas-tristan Tristan's been learning the Vermont Woods Studios ropes from his dad since he was barely a teenager. I took this snapshot a couple years ago when we were renting a tiny office space from Teddy George at George's Mill in Vernon.
This isn't the first time I've had the pleasure of welcoming Tristan Fletcher into our family of hardworking fine furniture specialists at Vermont Woods Studios. Tristan's been helping us since back in the day when we were working out of the guest bedroom in my house. He was barely a teenager when we started recruiting him to help with data entry and photo-shopping. Over the years he's added additional skills like computer networking and troubleshooting to his repertoire. Not to mention lawn-mowing, wood cutting/stacking and showroom cleaning.

Come to think of it, Tristan's probably a serious competitor to Ken and Loryn when it comes to winning the VWS "jack of all trades" award.

Here's Tristan and fellow Here's Tristan and fellow "grounds keepers" at Stonehurst last summer. The foursome (from left, Taegen Fletcher, Riley Farabaugh, Trenton Fletcher and Tristan) managed to keep smiling (mostly) throughout the process of cutting and stacking 40 cords of wood.
When I asked Tristan how he acquired his expertise with computers he said he got interested by playing online video games. "While at my friend's house I saw his custom computer and at that moment it started my interest. As a computer gamer the technology is never enough so I tinker and get as much performance as I can. New leading edge things come out which make the computer work better/faster and instantly I need to have them.
I've been customizing computers for about 3 years. There's nothing like having all the separate parts and spending a day building and putting a computer together to experience the final product and being able to say "I made that".
Tristan "There is nothing like spending a day building and putting all the pieces of a computer together and being able to say "I made that".
When he's not going to school, working at Vermont Woods Studios, building computers or hanging out with friends, Tristan likes to draw. When he's not going to school, working at Vermont Woods Studios, building computers or hanging out with friends, Tristan likes to draw.
Big sister, Taegen adds a little levity to the task of maintining our furniture showroom at Stonehurst. Big sister, Taegen Fletcher also helps us out at Vermont Woods Studios. No job is too big or too small
Everyone's excited about having Tristan on board full time now at Stonehurst. We've stationed him in the Brainiac Room with Neville and Martin where he'll be helping them turn our dreams into reality. It's great to have you on board full time, Tristan!

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