Stonehurst Before and After: Exterior Paint Makeover

Stonehurst Fine Furniture Showroom | Before and After | Exterior Paint Colors Stonehurst Fine Furniture Showroom, about a year ago in Summer 2012. I do love the classic barn-red Vermont country look, but it was time for a change.
OK, Sally Blakley and other dear readers: I can explain. I know I asked for your opinion on the exterior paint makeover for Stonehurst. And I know you voted overwhelmingly to keep the old barn-red color. And I loved that classic look too. But...
Stonehurst Fine Furniture Gallery | Before and After Photos of Exterior Paint The exterior paint makeover of our Stonehurst Fine Furniture Gallery restored the farmhouse to it's original, circa 1790 white color. We chose traditional indigo colored front doors, although I have to admit they probably weren't that color 200+ years ago.
We have a couple things going on that swayed my decision off in the opposite direction. First of all, there's the landscaping. You may have read about the plans we're making with Gordon Hayward (landscape architect) and Torben Larsen (landscaper and stone mason) to add colorful lilacs, hydrangeas, peonies, lavender and all sorts of other wonderful plants to the front yard.
Second, we've been trying to renovate Stonehurst as authentically as possible. We've recycled, re-invigorated and reused existing parts and filled in with local Vermont made components whenever we needed something new.
And, well... the original color of Stonehurst back circa 1790 was farmhouse white. Lastly, there's the matter of our green and white logo, as you can see on the sign. Don't you think there's some harmony going on between the sign and the white house with nature's greenery all around?
Let me know what you think on our Facebook and we'll duke it out there. In the meantime, if you're interested in painting your own house, check out these 13 Dramatic Exterior Paint Makeovers on Houzz. Then post your own before and after photos for all of us to see!

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