Stonehurst: Building A Strong Foundation

Stonehurst: Vermont Fine Furniture Showroom Takes Shape Stonehurst: Vermont's new Fine Furniture Showroom is Taking Shape. Heather Barrett snaps a photo of Scott Strong and his crew from American Construction as they pour concrete footings for this 200 year old section of Stonehurst.
It seems like we've been talking and planning renovations at Stonehurst (our circa 1800 Vermont farmhouse and future fine furniture showroom) for a very long time. But now that Bob Furlone's American Construction and Karey Tyler's Excavation crews have arrived on site, things are beginning to move and shake (literally).
Digging out for a Foundation at Stonehurst Digging out for a Foundation at Stonehurst. Karey Tyler is making Ken and the other guys very jealous, with all his fancy Tonka trucks. We decided Karey is the answer to every little boy's dream of "what do you want to be when you grow up?"
The past few weeks have been filled with activity. The middle section of the Stonehurst buildings (what we call the barn) has been unfinished for many years. In order to renovate, the guys had to dig underneath it and create a stable foundation where formerly there was just dirt and rocks. Then Carroll Concrete came in and poured a cement foundation.
This is why they've called it Stonehurst for 200 years I guess this is why the name Stonehurst had lasted at the property for some 200 years. But huge as they are, these boulders were no match for Karey and his excavators.
In order to connect the middle section to the apartment building, we had to dig some more because the apartment floor was 2 feet higher that the barn floor. Since we want to make the property wheelchair accessible, we need to make all the floors the same height.
Digging the View at Stonehurst Digging the View at Stonehurst. From left: Martha Ratcliffe of American Construction, Scott Strong of American Construction, Ken, Jeremy Coleman of J Coleman Architects and Bob Furlone of American construction.
So progress is going well at Stonehurst, even though we're up against winter's elements. Today we had a snowstorm but still the crews from Tyler Excavation and American Construction were onsite and working in a tent they built for the occasion. Follow their work and the evolution of Stonehurst on our Facebook. Once it's complete we hope you'll join us for an open house!

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