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Vermont Interior Designer | Priscilla Cotton Southern Vermont interior designer, Priscilla Cotton of Cotton Design in Newfane.

Southeastern Vermont Interior Designers

We often have customers visiting our Vermont furniture store when they're in the early stages of planning a second home in the Green Mountain State. Many are looking for a Vermont interior designer, architect or builder so I try to keep up with Vermont's home design world. I stop by and visit local firms when I have a chance.

Vermont architect David Cotton & his wife Priscilla, an interior designer Besides being experts in architecture and design, David Cotton & Priscilla are a lot of fun to work with!

Cotton Designs

Last week, on my way up to Burlington I stopped by Cotton Designs on Route 30 in Newfane, Vermont. I was greeted warmly by Priscilla and David Cotton. David is the head architectural designer and founder of Cotton Design Associates. His wife, Priscilla is an interior designer, trained visual artist and all around delightful person to collaborate with.
Kitchen designed by Vermont interior designer, Priscilla Cotton in Newfane Vermont You can find photos of this kitchen and many other spaces designed by David and Priscilla on the Cotton Design website.
Priscilla loves fabric so we had fun feeling our way through some of her beautiful samples. Then she showed me a floor plan she was working on. She explained why she measures the dimensions of every single piece of furniture that's going into a room BEFORE the final design is approved. That way everything fits perfectly. Lamp tables and lamps have outlets nearby. Spaces for large pieces of furniture like buffets, dressers and couches are designed up front so there's no worry about having to squeeze them in front of a window, obscuring the view.
New life for this beautiful antique chair | Cotton Designs This beautiful antique chair now has an exciting, new life at Cotton Designs studio in Newfane, Vermont.

Quintessential Vermont Style

If you're looking for a Vermont architect or interior designer who embodies Vermont style, check out Cotton Design. In addition to residential design, the Cottons also offer expertise in commercial, municipal, educational, non-profit and institutional design. They offer service in Brattleboro, Dummerston, Marlboro, Stratton, Putney, Dover and other towns throughout Southeastern Vermont.
Most important, they are fun to work with and at the end of your project you will have new friends to invite over to your cozy Vermont home!

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