Solid Wood Platform Beds: 5 Tips for Finding the Best Quality & Value

Solid Wood Platform Beds: 5 Tips for Finding the Best Quality & Value

In the era of online furniture shopping featuring an overwhelming amount of choice, selecting the piece that lives up to your expectations surrounding quality and value can feel daunting, to say the least. 

This is especially true when it comes to high in demand pieces, such as platform beds. So, how do you find a bed that offers the best quality and value? We put together a guide featuring 5 tips meant to make your shopping journey just a little easier. The gist? Do your research. Let’s dive in. 

1. Type of Wood

When it comes to solid wood pieces, the type of wood you choose makes a big difference. Before pressing “add to cart,” or you know, making your final decision, familiarize yourself with common types of wood used in furniture. We recommend domestic hardwoods like cherry, maple, oak, and walnut, since these woods are locally harvested from well managed forests with strong environmental protections, unlike some exotic hardwoods found in the market today.

Cherry, for example, is known for its warm, rich color that deepens over time, while oak is valued for its strength and prominent grain patterns. Getting to know the different types of wood available can help you understand the longevity, aesthetics, and value of the piece you're considering.

2. Quality of Craftsmanship

When constructing a high-quality piece of furniture, there’s nothing more important than craftsmanship. If you’re shopping for a bed in person, look for signs of craftsmanship such as dovetail joints, mortise and tenon joints, or dowel joints, which are more durable and longer-lasting compared to screws or nails. Additionally, ensure the platform slats are adequately spaced for support and ventilation. 

If you have any questions about what contributes to high quality craftsmanship, be sure to reach out to our team. At Vermont Woods Studios, there’s nothing more important to us than offering pieces built with best in class construction using high-quality, durable materials that will last a lifetime (guaranteed). 

3. Consider Customizability

The best solid wood platform beds often offer customizable options. This can include varying wood types, finishes, and even size options. Customizability not only allows you to get a bed that perfectly suits your space, but also indicates that the manufacturer takes pride in crafting pieces to individual specifications rather than mass-producing generic designs.

One of our most popular options for customization is underbed storage. Many of our platform beds come with optional underbed storage that can be added on to the piece. If this sounds interesting to you, be sure to check in with our team to see if this is a possibility for your bed of choice.

4. Prioritize Timeless Style and Design 

An advantage to solid wood platform beds is their ability to transcend design trends that come and go. When choosing your bed, aim for timeless style and design. Classic designs have a way of staying relevant and aesthetically pleasing, no matter how much trends change– while blending seamlessly with various decor styles and offering versatility if you decide to revamp your space down the line. 

5. Scrutinize Sustainability 

When it comes to materials, sustainability is more important than ever. Thus, when buying a new piece of furniture, consider its environmental impact by choosing a piece made from responsibly-sourced materials.

To our team, sustainability informs both our offering and partnerships. All of our solid wood furniture is constructed from North American hardwoods, including cherry, walnut, maple, oak, and ash– woods sourced from trees that grow in our local forests. This regional sourcing minimizes our carbon footprint while ensuring that every piece of furniture that we sell supports the health and longevity of our planet.

While finding the best platform bed for your space can feel overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be if you keep the above criteria in mind– we know we do! Remember that at Vermont Woods Studios, all of our pieces have been vetted for quality, sustainability, and craftsmanship. 

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