The Origins of Shaker Furniture: A History Quiz!

Shaker furniture is on sale today.  Learn about it's origins and see how it's made. Our Shaker furniture sale is going on today! Do you know where this timeless and enduring furniture comes from? Take our quiz below and then come visit us at Stonehurst to appreciate Shaker style up close and personal.
In honor of our current Shaker furniture sale, I thought we should highlight a little history about the people who developed this beautiful, simple and elegant style. Their creation is timeless and enduring & it continues to be one of the most popular fashions in the furniture market today.
I bet you already know a bit of history about the Shakers. Test your knowledge by filling in the blanks below:
  1. The term Shakers is derived from the Shaking __________, a small, radical group from England who first came to America in 1774, led by the prophet Ann Lee.
  2. Today there is only one active Shaker community, with three members, who live on _______________ Lake in the state of _____________.
  3. ______________ was a part of Shaker orthodoxy, so Believers had no choice but to recruit people from the outside world to prevent their communities from dying out.
  4. Early Shaker furniture makers focused on simplicity in their designs because they believed that excessive ornamentation or decoration was a sin of _________.
  5. The Shakers were among the first in America to try mass production. Unlike the Amish, the Shakers embraced technology that increased ____________, believing that they were saving time that belonged to God.

How did you do? Check your answers with the key below:
  1. Quakers
  2. Sabbathday Lake in Maine
  3. Celibacy
  4. Pride
  5. Efficiency

Of course this beautiful style can't be fully appreciated in photos, so make plans to come visit us at Stonehurst and shop our Shaker furniture sale today!

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