Shaker Furniture: Timeless Appeal & Style

The Humble Beginnings of Shaker Furniture

Shaker furniture has humble beginnings in a 19th century religious community, but has since become one of the most notable furniture styles in the world. Ironic, as the Shakers crafted their furniture with God in mind, and detested glamour or fame. The Shakers were serious about crafting for usability, rather than crafting for style, making their furniture totally functional and unadorned.
Many furniture styles have come and gone since Shaker furniture's beginnings--but Shaker style remains largely unchanged, and still adored.
Shaker Furniture

What is the appeal to this timeless furniture style?

  • Shaker style furniture is built with minimal or no ornamentation. Their forms were basic, and followed function. Their buildings and their furniture were designed for a certain task or purpose and each piece of furniture was designed with symmetry in mind.
  • Shaker style furniture is plain, utilitarian, and uniform. Most of it was movable or built in to the walls.
  • Shaker furniture is simplistic and versatile enough to blend in with a variety of home decor styles. It can easily be mixed and matched with any style, or used on its own for a minimalist Shaker replication aesthetic.
  • Shaker style furniture is built to last, and people love the solid craftsmanship associated with this style.
Perhaps it's the cluttered and busy nature of our daily routines that urge us to seek simplicity in our home decor, or the comfortable, nostalgic feeling that Shaker furniture gives you that makes it such a popular style. Whatever the reason, we're happy to provide 6 expertly crafted collections of Shaker style furniture, reminiscent of authentic Shaker pieces:Shaker Furniture Style

Shaker Style Furniture on Sale at Vermont Woods Studios

From May 29th to June 18th, Shaker furniture is on sale! You have the opportunity to buy beautiful Shaker style furniture at a fraction of typical costs. Buy 1 piece and save 10%, buy 2 pieces and save 15%, or buy 3+ pieces and save 20%! See more details about the sale here!

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