Shaker Dining Room Furniture: Why We Love It

Shaker Dining Room Furniture

Admiring Shaker Dining Room Furniture

Shaker Dining Room Furniture is beautiful in it's simplicity. Not only is it world renowned for it's modestly elegant style, but it is also adored for it's exquisite craftsmanship and usability. Shaker Dining Room Furniture can be used to complement existing decor and furniture, or if used alone, makes a beautifully harmonious dining space.

1. Form Follows Function.

One of the hallmarks of Shaker Dining Room Furniture is it's unfussy, simplistic design. The Shakers believed that showiness was a sin, so they created furniture completely with functionality and usability in mind. The end result, however, was beyond utilitarian. Shaker furniture's modest styling is unintentionally beautiful and perfect for the modern dining space.

2. Versatility.

The humble styling of Shaker Dining Room Furniture is gives it a widely versatile appeal. Shaker Dining Furniture can be mixed and matched with other styles and blend in quite well. The unfussy design makes it perfect for just adding in a piece or two as you slowly grow your Shaker collection, or for creating an entire new Shaker space with existing decor.

3. Sustainability.

The original Shakers had an inherent respect for the land and used as much local materials as possible. Our beautiful, solid wood furniture is built to order with sustainably harvested woods and non-toxic finishes, much like the way America's first Shakers built their furniture over eight generations ago.
There is so much to love about Shaker Dining Room Furniture, and we hope you appreciate it's beauty and simplicity as much as we do. At our store you will find hundreds of handcrafted pieces of Shaker Furniture, built to be usable, versatile, and naturally sustainable.

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