5 Most Romantic Vermont Towns

Looking for romantic Vermont towns for your special weekend getaway with your significant other? Enjoy this post highlighting some of Vermont's best towns for visiting couples.
Stowe Vermont Photography 'Stowe Vermont Community Church', by Teresa Merelman. Retrieved from Flickr.

1. Stowe, VT

Stowe is a magnificent place to visit during all 4 seasons. This quaint Northern town has a reputation for some of the best skiing in Vermont, making it an ideal place for a wintery weekend retreat with your loved one. It's also a hub for fun summer adventuring, with popular attractions including luxury resorts, lodges, and spas... sure to make a great midsummer date. Lodging options can range from quaint and cozy, to extravagant and fabulous-- and the same can be said for the cuisine. No matter your taste, you will find something to fall in love with in Stowe.
Champlain by Marty Desilets 'Champlain' by Marty Desilets, retrieved from Pinterest.

2. Burlington, VT

Burlington is a truly romantic place for lovers who enjoy both the buzz of city life and the calm of Vermont's north country. In the summer you can enjoy the beauty of the Lake Champlain as you dine at one of Burlington's popular waterfront restaurants, or take a ferry ride or cruise. Music, shopping, theater, and art are also some of Burlington's staples for couples looking for a fun filled Vermont escape.
'Woodstock' by Ryan Phelan, retrieved from Pinterest 'Woodstock' by Ryan Phelan, retrieved from Pinterest

3. Woodstock, VT

Just a quick drive through Woodstock will give you a warm, romantic feeling-- even in the dead of Winter. The main street of town is illuminated by Christmas lights, and people can always be found roaming around their eclectic gift and decor shops. Easy to access all year round, the lush summer greenery of Woodstock is unmatched. During the autumn months, Woodstock boasts some of Vermont's most beautiful foliage. Senator Jacob Collamer (1791-1865) confessed, "The good people of Woodstock have less incentive than others to yearn for heaven."

4. Quechee, VT

The most obviously fascinating part of Quechee is the Gorge. While the gorge is visible if you drive by or stop along Rt 4, the beauty of it is best appreciated by following the trail down to the bottom. The Quechee gorge is a 3,000 foot long, 163 foot deep chasam sculped into the landscape 13,000 years ago. A truly breathtaking stop for any couple with a love for nature's grandeur. After visiting this majestic site, you can pay a visit to one of Vermont's most luxurious restaurants and shopping destinations-- Simon Pearce.
White House Inn, Wilmington, Vermont Travel White House Inn, Wilmington. Vermont Travel. Retrieved from Pinterest.

5. Wilmington, VT

This Southern Vermont town is as quaint and compact as it gets, boasting a population of approximately 2,225 people (in 2000). Known for its severely snowy winters and hot summers, Wilmington is a lovely rural getaway for any couple looking for a sunny Vermont weekend or winter ski getaway. The Wilmington area is home to Mount Snow, one of Vermont's best family-focused ski resorts, with famous riders including American Olympian Kelly Clark. Home to several traditional lodges, restaurants and shops-- Wilmington makes a great stop along any romantic Vermont driving tour.
While these 5 towns are some of Vermont's most romantic destinations, the entire state is filled with charming places to eat, shop, and enjoy nature. Many people believe that as soon as you cross over the border into Vermont, you can tell that you are some place truly special. Do you believe it? Nonetheless, if you're looking for a truly magical Valentines escape, Vermont is a wonderful place to explore.

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